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Issue: Aug 2011

Dear Love4Gaia readers,

Here’s some interesting environmental reads for Aug 2011.

Mushrooms are not only good for food
Do you know that mushrooms are not only good for food? In fact, they can have a very important role to play when it comes to cleaning up our highly polluted environment. Read about how these small, and sometimes delicious, organisms can make a difference to our environment.

Tips for environmentally friendly house cleaning
Do you know that some "green" cleaning products are actually neither safe for the environment, nor for you and your loved ones? Do you know that you can make your own eco-friendly cleaning agents, and help to cut down on household expenses? Read our tips on how to keep your house clean, in an environmentally friendly way that is safe for you and your family.

Tips for recycling old computers
Do you know that you can make a difference for the environment when you send your unwanted computers (and electronic items) for recycling, instead of the garbage bin? Read about why recycling old computers and electronics makes a difference to our planet, and pick up some tips on how you can go about the recycling process.

The Green Dot recycle symbol
Do you know what the "Green Dot" recycle symbol actually stands for? Contrary to common perception, this symbol is not meant for consumers, but for waste collection and recycling agencies. Find out the history of this symbol and what it actually means when it appears on products in Europe.

Green products online at a discount
If you use eco-friendly products on a regular basis, then you might want to check out our discount coupon for online green products. There is a large range of eco products, ranging from household items, to personal care products and even health supplements. All at very reasonable prices and low shipping rates. Get a $5 discount coupon now.

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