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Issue: Dec 2011

Dear Love4Gaia readers,

Here’s some interesting environmental reads for Dec 2011.

Recycle Tips You Can Adopt at the Workplace
Recycling is not only for homes. Recycling should also take place at the workplace.

Read about recycling tips you can adopt at the workplace. Share the tips with your colleagues, and even your organization, and help introduce a recycling culture to your workplace. Together, we can make a difference for our planet.

Is Mattress Recycling Possible?
If you have ever wondered whether the mattress we use can be recycled, the answer is yes.

Find out more about the process of recycling mattresses, the challenges pertinent to the process, as well as some of the agencies who carry out this recycling service.

Where to Find Affordable Organic and Eco-friendly Products
Where I come from, organic and eco-friendly products are rather costly, and often reserved for the wealthier people. Or at least that was what I thought. Until my family and I found out about this online store that offers quality organic and eco-friendly products at very affordable prices.

Read about our experiences purchasing our daily household and personal care products, organic food and supplements, and even organic baby supplies from this online store, and find out how you too can enjoy the same benefits. Then pay it forward by spreading the message.

Jim’s Invention – A Homemade Energy Efficient Space Heater
Read about Jim Atkinson’s invention – a homemade energy efficient space heater.

Find out how you can install this cheap and fuss free energy efficient space heater in your own home, and save on electricity costs.

A Must Read for Eco-friendly Drivers – Air Pollution Solutions For Cars
In our last issue, we covered some of the air pollution facts associated with cars and driving.

To help eco-friendly drivers like yourself reduce the impact of your driving on the environment, in this issue, we covered some of the solutions you can implement, such as general driving tips, choice of fuel and choice of cars. Help to spread the message to your fellow drivers today for a cleaner planet.

May you and your loved ones have a blessed Christmas and another meaningful year ahead!

Best Wishes, Cindy

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