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Issue: Nov 2011

Dear Love4Gaia readers,

Here’s some interesting environmental reads for Nov 2011.

Composting: The Simple Art of Recycling Organic Material At Home
Do you know that you can recycle your household organic waste, through the simple process of composting? Composting is especially beneficial if you have a garden. Find out facts about the compost bin, how it works, and what you need to carry out composting at home.

Japan’s Recycling Pictures and Culture
Do you know that Japan has its own unique system of recycling logos, that you can’t find anywhere else? Read about the origin of these recycling logos, find out what they mean and even get a glimpse of the recycling culture over in Japan for an eye-opening experience.

Christmas Special – Part 3: Top 10 Christmas Gifts on the Eco Charts
Christmas may be just a month plus away, but it is not too late to get eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones. Check out the top 10 eco-friendly Christmas gifts that you can shower your loved ones with this Christmas. Do your part for the environment at the same time as you celebrate this festive occasion.

Car Pollution Facts
As you travel around in your car this holiday season, do bear in mind the impact that your car is making on the environment. Read alarming facts about car pollution and watch out for our next issue where we will share on how you can reduce this environmental impact through air pollution solutions for cars.

Organic and Eco-friendly Products Can Be Affordable
Organic and eco-friendly products aren’t always expensive, if you know where to find affordable and quality ones. This means that you need not forsake your green and healthy ways, despite the bad economic times. Find out where you can buy affordable organic and eco-friendly daily household and personal care products, organic food and supplements, and even organic baby supplies. Look out for the $5 discount off your first purchase.

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