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Issue: Sept 2011

Dear Love4Gaia readers,

Here’s some interesting environmental reads for Sept 2011.

The History Of Recycling
Do you know that recycling is not a new concept, but in fact dates back as far as the pre-historic times? Yes, recycling has been an important process since then, and is especially crucial during times of war and distress. Read more.

Recycling Batteries
Given our large scale reliance on batteries in this fast-paced world today, you might be wondering what happens to the large number of batteries that get discarded every day. Get your questions answered. Find out about the different types of batteries and what happens during the recycling process.

Christmas Special – Part 1: Preparing Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts For Loved Ones.
Even though Christmas is about 3 months away, it is not too early to start preparing gifts for your loved ones, especially if you intend to get eco-friendly gifts for them. In Part 1 of this 3-part-feature Christmas Special, we will share with you what we think are qualities of eco-friendly gifts, and what you should look out for when preparing eco-friendly gifts for loved ones.

The Oceanic Garbage Patches
Do you know that there is so much garbage on this planet that they are not only filling our lands, but also our oceans? The oceanic garbage patches is something everyone of us must be aware of – it is a stark reminder of how man’s irresponsible handling of waste has impacted nature, and how we need to learn to live in harmony with our environment in the future ahead.

Green And Organic Products Online At A Discount
In these bad economic times, many people may be forced to forsake their green ways because they find eco-friendly products very expensive. However, eco-friendly products need not be expensive, if you know where to find affordable and quality ones. Indeed, that is my experience. Find out where you can buy eco-friendly yet affordable daily household and personal care products, organic food and supplements, and even organic baby supplies. Look out for the $5 discount off your first purchase.

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