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Former US Vice President, Al Gore, has been at the forefront for years in leading the fight against global warming. In fact, he is an Oscar winner for his movie The Inconvenient Truth and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for his effort to bring an end to this global crisis. In addition, he is the founder of the Alliance for Climate Protection, which works to educate others on global warming. In 2007, Al Gore was also runner up as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for his work in the climate arena. In addition, he helped organize the Live Earth benefit concerts.

Al Gore global warming efforts have started since 1976. As a freshman congressman, he held some of the first congressional hearings on the subject of climate change. Throughout the 1980s, Al Gore continued to hold meetings on the subject of global warming and became part of a group of Democrats who believed that issues like clean air and water would be key to future victories.

In 1990, Al Gore presided over a conference with officials from 42 countries which sought to help developing nations continue to grow while at the same time preserving the health of the environment. In the late 1990s, Al Gore global warming efforts include pushing for the Kyoto Protocol which called for reductions in emissions of greenhouse gas emissions. Read more about the Kyoto Protocol and the international policy on global warming.

While Al Gore global warming contributions to the global fight against global warming have been substantial, it is not without criticism.

For example, he has been called a “carbon billionaire” and accused of profiting from his work with global warming. He has also received criticism for living in and owning several very large homes and burning plenty of fossil fuels in his use of private jets which contribute to the release of green house gasses into the atmosphere. In response to these criticisms, Al Gore responded that his Tennessee house had been retrofitted to make it more energy efficient, while his other homes make use of renewable energy.

Some members of the congress had claimed that Al Gore had a conflict of interest for advocating for taxpayer breaks when they use green energy technologies. They made this claim because he had a personal financial investment in these technologies.

However, I would argue that even if he benefited personally from advocating for green technologies, the Al Gore global warming efforts are still a good thing. The green technologies could help protect the Earth, while the human race continues to experience growth and the comforts of modern life. Benefiting the Earth and Al Gore need not be mutually exclusive.

You might have heard about the criticisms from Al Gore’s award winning movie, The Inconvenient Truth. Some data presented in the documentary has been questioned. In fact, a court case was brought against the film in Britain in 2007. However, the judge ruled that the film was broadly accurate and the four main theories are upheld by research. The judge also ruled that the film could be shown to schoolchildren as long as it was presented with notes to balance out the film’s one sided political views.

In all, Al Gore's anti global warming efforts have brought a lot of attention to the issue of global warming – within the political scene and within the local layman communities. Even though his efforts are not without criticism, and there might not be any way we could verify the ulterior motives behind his good actions, I would say that knowing the ulterior motives might not matter that much.

What matters more is that we recognize the impact of our actions on the environment, learn to live more responsibly, and do something today to help stop global warming.

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