Baby Gift Personalized – Think Organic And Eco-friendly

If you are brainstorming for a baby gift personalized for an upcoming baby shower, try thinking organic and eco friendly.

Why Organic and Eco Friendly

Go straight to ideas for personalized eco gifts for babies.

New parents are often anxious about their newborns and seek ways to give their newborn the best. If you have kids of your own, you would probably understand this anxiety and excitement that new parents have.

So if you have a dear friend or relative who is becoming a new parent very soon, you can help him or her give the newborn baby the best, by going for an organic and eco friendly baby gift personalised. This means that when you put together a personalised gift for the newborn baby, you select only organic and eco friendly materials or products.

This is important because truly organic and eco friendly products contain minimal harmful substances that could potentially harm the newborn.

You might have heard that some conventional products you find off the shelf of departmental stores contain harmful chemicals, like synthetic dyes or chemical preservatives, that could enter the baby’s body through the skin or through ingestion. These harmful chemicals often bio-accumulate in the newborn’s body and create havoc to the developing infant.

With organic and eco friendly products, both you and the newborn’s parents can worry less about these harmful chemicals. This is because organic and eco friendly products are often produced using natural materials and methods that are safer and do not involve the addition of synthetic or artificial chemicals such as synthetic pesticides, dyes, preservatives, etc.

Not only are organic and eco friendly products better for the newborn baby, they are also better for the environment. This is because these products reduce minimal harmful chemicals into the environment during their production, use and disposal.

Ideas For Baby Gift Personalized

A good idea for a baby gift personalized, is a combination of several useful items.

You probably have to purchase some of the items from an organic, eco baby shop (no worries, we have recommendations below). And after purchasing the items, we will also be giving you some ideas on how to personalise the gifts.

Eco Baby Journal

Something that the baby’s caretaker will find very useful is the baby journal.

In this journal, mummies can easily track the essentials when caring for the baby – for example, feeding timings, sleeping schedule, pooping frequency, doctor appointments, etc. The information captured in this journal can be readily shared with babysitters when the parents go to work or need a short break.

OurGreenHouse (see link on the right column) offers an environmentally friendly version of this baby journal, as it is made with acid free paper with post consumer content i.e. recycled paper. Eco Friendly Baby Journal

Eco-friendly Baby Journal
from: OurGreenHouse

Personalise this eco baby journal by adding photos of the baby’s parents, and even the newborn baby to the journal. These pictures will help liven up the routine of caring for a newborn, especially in the initial months.

You could even include your own photo and a little message of love, for the parents and the newborn, at the end of the journal.

I believe that the parents would be safe-keeping such a baby gift personalized for years and years, even after the baby grows up, because it is bound to bring back fond memories of the beloved child’s infancy years.

Organic and Eco Baby Clothes

With organic baby clothes, you and the baby’s parents can be assured that the newborn would not be troubled with skin allergy arising from synthetic chemicals used in producing the fabric (e.g. synthetic pesticides in the cultivation of cotton) or when treating or dyeing the cloth fabric. Read more about the benefits of organic clothes and the various types of fabrics that are used in organic clothing.

Below are some organic baby clothes that you can consider for your baby gift personalized.

Organic Baby Kimono

Organic baby Kimono Top
from: OurGreenHouse

Organic Baby Safari Day Tee

Organic long sleeve Safari Day tee
from: OurGreenHouse
made from organic cotton and metal-free dyes

Organic Baby Jump Suit

Organic baby jumpsuit
from: OurGreenHouse

Organic Baby Booties

Organic baby booties
from: OurGreenHouse

Organic Baby Romper

Organic zebra romper
from: OurGreenHouse

Organic Baby Sweater

Organic baby sweater
from: OurGreenHouse
made from organic cotton and low impact natural dyes

To give that personalized touch to the organic baby clothes you have selected, you could sew on the baby’s initials. Alternatively, you could even sew on cute messages like “World’s Cutest Baby”, “I Love Mummy”, or “I Love Daddy” on the tops you have selected.

Organic and Eco Baby Toys, Personalised

Organic and eco friendly baby toys make good gifts for babies.

With organic and eco baby toys, you and the parents can have a peace of mind that the baby would not be in constant contact with harmful chemicals such as lead (which can damage the nervous system and is often found in paint used for toys), cadmium and arsenic.

There is a wide variety of organic and eco baby toys to choose from.

For example, rattles can help to capture babies’ attention and as they learn to turn their heads toward the rattles, it helps them sharpen their sense of direction when it comes to sound.

Organic Baby Rattles

Organic Rattles For Babies
from: OurGreenHouse

The rattles you see above are shaped in the form of vegetables. These veges can help kids be acquainted to vegetables from the very start! No more avoiding vegetables at meal times. Click on picture to find out more.

Other toys like mobiles can help to keep babies entertained, while their parents are busy in the kitchen preparing feeds. In addition, mobiles can also help babies focus their vision, and provide babies with opportunities to develop their motor skills as they learn to reach out for the moving items on the mobile.

Organic Cotton Baby Mobile

Organic Cotton Insect Mobile For Babies
from: OurGreenHouse

The insect mobile you see above is made of 100% cotton. The ladybug, bee and caterpillar toys are removable for play, and be used as an instructional device to teach the baby new words.

And you have the classic soft toys that can provide babies with good hugs and can sometimes serve as a “safety blanket” for the little ones.

Organic Cotton Teddy Bear

Organic Cotton Teddy Bear For Babies
from: OurGreenHouse

The teddy bear above is made of 100% organic (no pesticides) cotton shell filled with unbleached cotton clippings, with embroidered eyes for added safety, and is machine washable.

And to give that personalized touch to the organic toy you have selected for the newborn, you could give the toy a name, and sew on a little name tag on the toy. You could even create a story about the toy and include the story as part of the baby gift personalized. In this way, you are not only giving the newborn a toy gift; in fact, you are giving him or her a toy “friend”. When the baby turns one or two, the parents could tell the baby about the story of this toy friend.

Baby Gift Personalized Gift Wrapping

If you are into crafts and would like to leave a deep impact with your baby gift personlized, then you might want to consider gift wrapping your hamper of baby products into the shape of a cake (such as the picture you see below).

Such gift wrapping, known as the “diaper cake” has become a trend in some countries, and in fact is becoming a viable business for some of the baby gift personalized services.

But why pay someone extra just to do that “gift-wrap”? Why not learn to do the gift wrapping yourself, and wow your friends and relative? With that skill, you could even set up your own baby gift personalized gift wrapping service!

One Last Consideration

If you are serious about going eco friendly, remember not to contribute to our world’s already excessive waste problem, by buying something the parents won’t want to use.

So if the newborn’s parents are likely to be fussy with the things they use for their newborn, then you might want to consider finding out what the parents need before doing your shopping. Once you have the parents’ wish list, you could go look for the organic and eco friendly versions of what is needed.

Though such a gift won’t have much of a surprise element (unless you consider unique gift wrapping methods such as the “diaper cake” mentioned above) for the parents, but you can be assured that such a gift would definitely be useful and very much appreciated by the parents.

Alternatively, you could also present the new parents with a shopping voucher at an online organic and eco friendly store, such as OurGreenHouse (see link on the right navigation bar). Although such a gift is less personalized, it will be definitely very practical and useful for the new parents.

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