Business Going Green

“Is your business going green?” This is an important question to ask yourself if you care about the environment and you own a business establishment, be it big or small.

While the final objective of setting up and running any company or venture is to make money and be profitable, it should not be done at the cost of compromising a healthy environment. It is important that care be taken to protect the environment, even as we seek economic growth and prosperity through our businesses and ventures.

Green technology provides us with the tools that not only help us protect the eco balance of our planet, but also help us cut energy costs and improve the overall energy efficiency of any organization.

Leading companies like Google and Coca Cola have adopted green technology successfully and now serve as role models for any aspiring business going green.

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Making Your Business Green

As a business going green, your company can consider adopting some of the following green technology or best practices. These are time tested measures which not only help reduce your business costs, but contribute to the well being of our environment.

  • Minimize wastage of paper – print only whatever is required. Maximize the use of email and other communication tools which help reduce the usage of paper. Reducing paper usage is a great way of preserving trees and undoubtedly amongst the simplest ways of transforming your company into a business going green.

  • Recycle – while it is possible to minimize the usage of paper, it may not be possible to totally eliminate the use of paper. Therefore, it is crucial to have an efficient recycling program in place for your company. Recycling is a great way of preserving natural resources. The scope of recycling should not be limited to just paper but you can also recycle old computers, laptops and other electronic appliances.

    In Singapore, organizations like Pass It On collects unwanted electronic appliances and pass them on to the needy. Other leading vendors like IBM, HP and Dell also have recycling programs in place for small/ large businesses and you should make it a point to join it.

  • Green Cleaning - use green cleaning products for your business establishment, whether for in-house cleaning, or for the services you provide. Use green detergents, soaps and vacuum cleaners.

  • Green Products and Electronic Appliances - use eco-friendly products and electronic appliances. Use recycled paper and biodegradable materials in your production process. When buying an air conditioner, consider buying a model with a higher energy star rating. The higher the star rating, the better your air conditioner is at energy conservation and the less environmental damage it causes.

  • Alternative Energy – If you have a manufacturing or industrial business and you are located in an area which receives plenty of sunlight throughout the day, consider switching to solar energy or other forms of green energy. It can be an effective way of making your business going green.

Benefits of Greening Your Business

Any business going green often enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced Energy Costs – adopting green technology is a great way to lower your energy costs. Whether you switch to solar energy or you chose to switch to hybrid vehicles, all these measures are a great way of reducing your business’s energy expenditure.

  • Tax Benefits – green technology is being rapidly adopted worldwide and most governments are providing tax benefits to businesses that go green. This means that adopting green technology can save you not only money, but in addition, you could get the benefit of lowered taxes and other government incentives by switching to green technology. So why not start today!

  • Healthy Employees And Higher Productivity – adoption of green technology transforms your office into a healthier work space, helps your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle and in turn improves their productivity and work efficiency. This in turn helps your business and profits grow.

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The bottom line is that any business growing green not only gets great savings and benefits, it also helps save the environment. Start today and do your part. Read about the other green measures to adopt at your company.

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