Eco-friendly Christmas Gift For Boyfriend

If you are searching for a great Christmas gift for boyfriend of yours, why not consider an eco-friendly gift?

Eco friendly gifts are not only healthier for your boyfriend, they are also healthier for the environment and our planet. With eco friendly gifts, you can be assured that you are exposing your boyfriend (and the environment) to minimal harmful substances.

Gift ideas for boyfriends this Christmas

Men are practical creatures, so they usually prefer gifts that they can use.

However, while practicality will usually have to come first, it does not mean that you cannot have elements of surprise and be romantic with your Christmas gift. The way you present your gift to your boyfriend can help to bring about elements of surprise and make it all a romantic occasion.

Here’s some ideas for Christmas gift for boyfriend of yours.

You can consider dropping by an eco-friendly products shop in your neighbourhood to search for your Christmas gift for boyfriend. Find out what your boyfriend actually likes, and then find him that item, in the eco-friendly version, at the eco-friendly products store. That way you know you bought something made from a good choice of materials -- something that will have positive impact his health as much as it will benefit our planet.

Such eco-friendly stores carry a large range of eco friendly products, and truly eco-friendly products are designed to contain minimal harmful chemicals. In this way, you can be freed of worries about problems like bioaccumulation, organ toxicity and disruption of the reproductive system, when you choose eco-friendly products like organic aftershave or facial moisturizer as Christmas gift for boyfriend of yours.

Such practical gifts may not be extremely exciting, but trust me, when your boyfriend’s supply of aftershave runs out and your gift comes in handy, he would be most appreciative of your gift. What’s more, your gift has the additional touch of showing your concern for his health. (get a discount off your purchase of men’s organic personal care products from Iherb).

If you want to give a romantic Christmas gift for boyfriend of yours, you can consider purchasing an organic home spa set, and treat your boyfriend to a free body massage and spa session – by you, of course! I’m sure he would love a relaxing massage after days of hardwork at the office or work site.

If your boyfriend loves snacks, then you might want to consider getting him some healthy snacks as a Christmas gift. Organic energy bars are good for sporty guys always on the go, while organic fruits and nuts snacks are good for most (get a $5 discount off your purchase of organic snacks).

If your boyfriend is a tea drinker, you could even consider organic health tea as Christmas gift for boyfriend. Some of these organic tea have health properties that can help to enhance the immune system (for someone who often falls ill), reduces the risk of cancer and heart conditions, and even help in weight loss.

Most guys are into electronic gadgets. So if your boyfriend is a conventional guy, then you can consider getting him an electronic-related item as a Christmas gift. Try an electronic item that is environmentally friendly, for example, a solar powered charger for his electronic gadgets, a water powered alarm clock, or even his own build-your-own-solar-power-kit. You could even consider funky iphone cases that are made of eco-friendly material. If you are unsure about the type of electronic gadget your boyfriend might like, you could play safe and get him a gift certificate from an eco-friendly gadget store, so that he could have the fun of doing his own shopping.

Some men value experiences more than physical objects. If you indeed have such a boyfriend, then you might want to consider getting an experiential Christmas gift for boyfriend of yours this festive season, rather than a physical gift.

Experiential gifts could include a ticket to watch his favourite soccer team play against their biggest rival, a concert ticket to his favourite band or performer, or even a free museum visit. It really depends on the type of experiences your boyfriend finds fulfilling.

If your boyfriend is into exotic experiences, you could even bring him on a volunteering vacation, where he can get his hands dirty on an organic farm. Places you can consider for volunteering vacations include the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (or Willing Workers on Organic Farms, WWOOF). But before you go into the detailed planning for such trips, do make sure that your boyfriend is really into such experiences and does not mind getting his hands dirty on a farm as a vacation.

If you are feeling rich and are thinking of treating your boyfriend to a short vacation trip, why not consider an eco vacation as Christmas gift for boyfriend of yours, instead of a conventional holiday? Eco friendly holidays are lighter on the carbon footprint, and yet can give your boyfriend the experience of a lifetime that he would not forget. Throw in one or two romantic dinners during that vacation to make it an even more memorable trip.

In your search for Christmas gift for boyfriend this festive season, go for gifts that you know he would use or enjoy, so that the gift won’t go wasted (e.g. set aside in the corner of the cupboard for years, just to be thrown away after that). One of the biggest sources of waste comes from us buying items we don’t actually need. That is why getting a useful gift is one of the important aspects of an eco-friendly gift.

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