Companies Going Green

With the demand for eco-friendly products rising, the number of companies going green has also seen a substantial increase.

Many of these green businesses have devoted their business efforts around developing and promoting the use of green products, in the process actively contributing towards a cleaner, safer, and ecologically more balanced environment.

Here are some details on a few of these established going green companies, including what they do and what they specialize in.

GreenLine Paper Company has been in existence since 1992 and continues to be one of the largest producers of recycled paper products.

Owned and operated by a team of environmentalist, this is one of the companies going green that manufactures various tree-free, biodegradable, non-toxic, sustainable, and reusable papers products that are suitable for use at homes, offices, hospitals, schools and food industries.

The eco-friendly products they carry include compostable trash bags, eco-friendly toilet tissue, office paper products like note pads, printing paper, envelopes, as well as cleaning products like window cleaners, dishwashing liquid, toilet cleaners, and furniture polish.

Seventh Generation is one of the companies going green that develops and sells household, personal care and baby products that are safe for the environment, fabrics, as well as pets and people at home.

Being in existence for over 20 years, Seventh Generation has become one of the most recognized companies for eco-friendly products.

Seventh Generation carries green laundry products (such as natural powdered detergent, natural fabric softener, delicate care laundry detergent and chlorine-free bleach), as well as green household cleaners (such as natural carpet stain removers, natural glass surface cleaners, natural toilet and kitchen cleaners).

Seventh Generation also manufactures household paper products (such as 100% recycled bathroom tissue and napkins, and recycled trash bags).

Baby products manufactured by Seventh Generation include chlorine-free baby diapers, baby wipes, and training pants, baby laundry detergent.

Seventh Generation produces feminine care products such as chlorine-free organic cotton tampons, sanitary pads and panty-liners.

And that is not all. As one of the companies going green, Seventh Generation also donates 10% of their profits to organizations that promote environmental and health causes! On the Seventh Generation’s website, you can check out the impact on the earth (eg. number of trees saved) when we manufacture and use green products.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (or PG&E) is a California-based company that uses waste produced by cows in California for generation of electricity.

Methane found in cow’s waste is routed through pipelines to PG&E where it is converted into electricity. Nearly 56% of their electricity sales revenue is generated from substances that do not create greenhouse gases. In this way, PG&E helps protect the environment by minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Currently, the company is in the process of investigating various other safer and cleaner power generating alternatives, as compared to burning of fossil fuel.

One such initiative involves attempting to generate energy from waves along the pacific coast.

For more details on PG&E’s endeavors, check out “”.

Green Starfish Inc. is one of the leading manufacturing companies going green that produces 100% biodegradable disposable tableware, such as plates, cups, bowls, and trays.

These paper products include those made of bagasse (sugar cane based raw material) which is 100% recyclable and are fully compost within 50 days.

Other products developed by Green Starfish include biodegradable trash bags manufactured using biodegradable resins and are completely compost within 50 to 90 days based on its contents.

In addition to the above, this company also produces various other biodegradable products like drinking straws, containers, and cups prepared using compostable corn resin.

Green Starfish Inc. encourages consumers to help save the earth through education, lifestyle, and conservation.

To find out more about Green Starfish Inc., check out “”.

AISO.Net is actually a solar powered web host.

Committed to fighting pollution and preserving our natural resources, AISO.Net uses solar energy for its operations. Solar tubes are used to light the company’s office, while solar panels run its data center and Solar tubes help light their office.

In addition, AISO.Net is also committed to combining ongoing innovation in technology with environmentally sound business practices.

In other words, other than seeking to provide the best web hosting services possible, the company also takes steps to find solutions to issues through innovative ideas to protect the environment.

Read more about the technological innovations of ASIO.Net at “”.

Locating companies going green

As you have seen, there are more and more green businesses emerging all over the world today.

Guided by a common vision for a healthier and cleaner world, they seek to provide a wide variety of goods and services, many of which in areas never imagined before.

The growth of green-minded communities of people and organizations can in turn help create greater awareness amongst the world’s population for greater environmentally conscious efforts. This trend is good news.

Many of these companies going green can be located online. Some of these green businesses offer a wide range of eco-friendly products for your day-to-day household or office needs, for your baby or as gifts for your loved ones.

My family and I are lucky to have found a very useful green online business that gives us access to affordable eco-friendly and organic products, ranging from food supplies, to household cleaning agents and even personal care products. Read more about our experience.

Read about the experiences other readers have with green companies, as well as the “not so eco friendly” ones.

Your experience with “green”, and “not so green” companies

Tell us your story, if you know of a business or company that

  • is commendable in its environmental efforts (it could even be your own), or
  • needs improvements in being eco friendly

Your comments could help give the going green businesses the additional support and exposure, at the same time motivate the poor performers to improve.

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