Consequences Of Global Warming

Why be concerned about the consequences of global warming?

As global warming and climate change continue, they will bring with them negative consequences in various areas.

We need to be prepared. There may be a possibility that the Earth may survive the consequences of global warming, but we, the human race, won’t. So it is really in our own interest that we do something about global warming and climate change today.

The good news is that we have it within ourselves to correct the problem and ensure the future of our species. Unfortunately, the bad news is that we are not starting soon enough.

One of the most well known consequences of global warming is the melting of ice caps. In turn, the large scale melting of glaciers will bring about rising sea levels. Some reports show that if all the glaciers were to melt in one day, the seas would rise by an astounding 230 feet. This would flood thousands of square miles, making previously flourishing cities unlivable and displacing millions of people.

In addition, the melting ice caps will throw the global ecosystem out of balance. The extra fresh water will result in desalinization of the ocean, causing drastic changes in aquatic life. The ice caps help regulate the earth’s temperature by reflecting sunlight back into space. With them gone, the earth will heat at a more rapid pace.

With global warming, there will also be an increase in droughts and heat waves. Such consequences of global warming affect not only people, but also air quality and the plant and animal kingdom. Plants die of dehydration or excessive heat. Some species particular to that region can become extinct. When the plants die, animals begin to lose their food sources. They also find it harder and harder to find drinkable water. Some of the animal populations too start to become extinct.

For humans, droughts will also harm our food supplies leading to more expensive food and less availability in the poorer nations. Heat waves will create problems in cities, killing thousands if they last long enough. Heat waves can also bring about heat related illnesses such as heat strokes that lead to organ failure and even death.

Other consequences of global warming include increase in hurricanes. This is important because millions of people live directly in the path of hurricanes and cyclones. Many of these residents might not understand the signs associated with approaching hurricanes and hence do not get out of the way in time. Hurricanes not only take lives, they also cause millions of dollars worth of damages and disrupt the lives of victims.

Another consequence of global warming is the spread of diseases. As the world continues to warm, disease carrying insects will spread north into regions that in the past have been a lot colder. These insects will bring diseases into areas that have not acquired defenses against them. Some scientists believe that malaria has still not been eradicated because of global warming. Read about the health effects of global warming.

The disastrous events brought about by global warming will bring about major economic consequences. Diseases require financial resources to fight, and often the poorer nations will suffer the most because they have less infrastructure and financial resources available to deal with these health issues. Hurricanes result in millions of dollars worth of damages. With crops and animal farms destroyed, food will cost more. Financial strains on economies as a result of global warming disasters could bring down whole countries’ financial systems.

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