Eco Cool Gift Ideas

Looking for cool gift ideas?

Eco green gifts are cool presents you can consider.

No, we don’t mean that you literally give green plants as gifts (you could if your gift recipient is a plant lover). We mean that you give eco friendly items as gifts for your loved ones. There is a large variety of eco cool gifts out there that can meet the needs for all occasions and all loved ones. Read on.

What makes eco friendly gifts cool?

Go straight to ideas for cool eco gifts.

Firstly, they do minimal harm to the environment.

We all love to give a good present to a friend or loved one. When we give, we need to give things that would bring them joy. When our loved ones receive our gifts, I’m sure they would be happier to know that the well thought-out gift does little harm to the environment, if not contribute to the protection of the planet we live on.

Eco friendly items are cool for another reason.

They are usually highly personalised, because you need to put in that extra thought in selecting the right eco green gift for your recipient. An eco-friendly product isn’t green anymore if you give it to someone who has no use for it and instead sends it to the dump right after the celebrations.

Last but not the least, if you are an eco fanatic, giving eco friendly gifts can become your personal statement. It can also help to spread the message that it is easy but yet important to go green.

Below are some eco cool gift ideas and the reasons why they are eco friendly. Also, read about the eco-gift ideas contributed by our readers.
Eco cool gift ideas 1: Handmade gifts

Make your own handmade gift for that special loved one or friend.

Homemade gifts allow you to customise and personalise the gift for your present recipient. And only you will know what makes your gift recipient delighted.

Home made gifts can range from home cooked food like organic cookies and cakes to sentimental presents like a handmade photo collage.

One reason that makes homemade gifts eco friendly is that you get to decide the materials that go into making the gift.

You have the choice to reuse old materials in making the gift, hence saving them from the landfills or incinerators. With homemade gifts, the purchases you need to make become minimized. Not only does that save you money, it also helps you consume less of the Earth’s resources, because energy and raw materials are required in the production of new items. Reducing consumption also helps to reduce waste production. Read more about why you need to reduce your trash.

You also get to choose natural materials that are less harmful to the environment. When making homemade food gifts, you can get to choose organic ingredients which are healthier and more environmentally friendly. Read about the benefits of organic food.

Here are some homemade eco cool gift ideas for Christmas you can consider:

for Him

  • Homemade boyfriend gift ideas,
  • Homemade gift ideas for boyfriend

for Her

for Christmas

for Birthdays

Eco cool gift ideas 2: Organic food gifts

When you have little ideas what presents to get, you can opt to give organic food gifts instead of ornamental gifts.

No matter how pretty ornamental gifts are, many of them often end up being kept away in cupboards and storerooms after a while. And as years pass and there is a need to clear the cupboards and storerooms, these objects often end up in the rubbish dump. Do you want your specially selected gifts to end up in the same state?

When you give people gifts that they have no need for, the items are usually discarded after a while.

With organic food gifts (choose your recipient’s favourite food, not yours), wastage is reduced, after all, everyone needs to eat. Moreover, your gift recipients will enjoy themselves with the food and be nourished.

When purchasing food gifts, visit the organic shops. The food products from these places are healthier, both for their consumers and for the earth. When you purchase from these shops, you are also voting with your money and showing your support for green businesses and green food production.

Read about the following organic gifts:

for Him

Eco cool gift ideas 3: Eco Friendly Products

When it is not possible to hand make our own eco friendly or organic gifts for the special people in our lives, some eco cool gifts we can consider are eco-friendly products.

These going green products are environmentally friendly for several possible reasons.

Some of these products (e.g. chemical free cosmetics, eco friendly home cleaners, etc) could be organic and natural, made from minimal harmful chemicals, and when used or discarded, cause minimal harm to their users and the environment.

Some others (e.g. eco friendly fabric etc) could also be made of biodegradable materials, such that when the products are used and discarded, the harm to the environment is minimized.

Others (e.g. recycled toilet paper, etc) could be made from recycled materials. Recycled materials help to reduce the need for new raw materials, as well as reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators as waste can be diverted to making recycled products. In turn, demand for products made of recycled materials will also help complete the recycling loop, and sustain the recycling industry.

Some eco-friendly products are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. Others (e.g. energy star appliances, etc) are more energy saving as compared to their convention counterparts.

Find out more on how you can identify eco-friendly products through eco labels.

Read about the following organic and eco gifts ideas:

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for Him

for Babies

for Christmas

Eco cool gift ideas 4: Uniquely eco gifts

If you have gift recipients who loves to give (of themselves) all the time, then you can bring them some addition joy by considering presents where they get to give at the same time as they receive.

Save a piece of endangered forest in their name. Then present them with the gift certificate (with their name on it) and the map of the forest land they have saved. This gift would really surprise and delight your green-loving friend.

Alternatively, if your gift recipients are animal lovers, you can sign them up as Animal Benefactors with ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society). As Animal Benefactors, your gift recipients will receive a photo of the animal they have sponsored, a fact-and-history sheet of the animal, a yearly report and photo detailing your animal's progress, as well as a Animal Benefactor certificate.

These unique and cool gift ideas support efforts in reforestation and wildlife conservation, and are definitely very meaningful presents.

Eco cool gift ideas 5: Gifts with minimal packaging

Packaging is often ripped and thrown.

Why not make use of unwanted but reusable materials for gift wrapping?

Do your own gift wrapping using reused materials, such as magazine paper (they can be very interesting because of their colourful pictures) and ribbons from presents you received previously.

Alternatively, you can also use new reusable materials, such as towels or glass jars, to contain your presents. After the present is unwrapped, your gift recipient can make use of the towel or glass jar in the kitchen.

When skilfully done, homemade gift wraps can be very tasteful.

If you need to purchase eco-friendly products from the stores as gifts, then choose those with minimal packaging or packaging that are recyclable. Packaging material actually contributes to a large proportion of the waste we create. Reducing packaging or opting for recyclable packaging material will go a long way in helping to reduce pollution from waste.

Finally, after your gift recipient has ripped open the present and is thrilled by your eco cool gift ideas, encourage him or her to send the unwanted gift wrapping for recycling. Alternatively, send them to the recycling bin on his or her behalf.

Try out the above eco cool gift ideas. Your friends and loved ones will enjoy knowing that their gifts came from your heart, with love for them as well as the planet.

Best Eco Gift Ideas

Have you ever received or given someone else an eco-friendly gift that you think is really cool or creative?

Or do you simply love to think up ideas for gifts and know of a perfect eco gift to present to a green-goer?

Tell us about your cool eco-gift ideas, and help us debunk the notion that green gifts make boring ones.

It would be great if you could include the following details in your sharing:
- what the gift idea is about
- why the gift is eco-friendly
- what are the uses / advantages / plus points about the gift
- provide photos of the gift (if possible)
- where to purchase the gift, or how to make the gift
- estimated cost of the gift

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