Dangers of Pesticides

Why be concerned about the dangers of pesticides?

Pesticides are chemicals sometimes made up of viruses and other biological agents which were developed for their efficiency in killing insects, weeds and microbes. While tests have shown that not all pesticides are dangerous to humans, the vast majority of them are. And it’s not only humans that have to worry about the dangers of pesticides. Animals such as pets have been known to get sick from ingesting pesticides which have been sprayed on gardens.

Pesticides are not only used in gardens, but on many farms that grow such things as fruits and vegetables. The residue from these pesticides remains on the crops and the crops are eventually transported to your local grocery store for sale. At other times, the pesticide-sprayed crops are ingested by farm animals and the pesticide residue become stored in the animals’ fatty tissues. The chemicals are then ingested by humans when we consume the farm animals or crops.

One of the most dangerous pesticides of all time was DDT otherwise known as dicloro-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane. Once the dangers of this chemical were discovered it has been outlawed in the United States since 1972. However, there are other countries that still use the chemical. DDT can kill by eventually causing convulsions or paralysis in organisms. In addition, girls who have been exposed to the chemical early in life, often show signs of a significant increase in their risk of breast cancer. DDT can also be highly toxic to marine life such as shrimp and crawfish.

Other potential dangerous pesticides include chemicals such as organaphosphates and in particular, chlorpyrifos. The dangers of pesticides like these include slow brain development and behavioral issues. There is also strong evidence that shows pesticides can lead to harmful neurological disorders, birth defects and fetal deaths. Petroleum based pesticide products are also harmful as they can lead to cancer in both children and adults, a weakened immune system, asthma, allergies, infertility and ADD.

While the pesticide residue found in crops and animals are considered to be safe for humans according to many authorities, more and more people are opting for organic produce as a way to protect themselves and their families from the dangers of pesticides.

If you too are opposed to chemical use, as many people these days are, there are numerous ways you can fight the dangers of pesticides both in your food and in your garden.

One way is to go organic. This means either you choose organic vegetables in the store or you choose to grow your own. This is where green gardening comes in. This gardening feature applies to not only vegetables, but flowers as well.

Using organic methods – organic pesticides – to fight bugs and other items involves a different approach. Unlike traditional chemicals which are toxic to almost everything alive, the organic method specifically targets the pest that’s bothering you through natural means. In the meantime, our other plants, you and your loved ones are safe from the dangers of pesticides. Read more on organic garden pest control.

For example, mosquitoes can be killed using a garlic spray. When looking to fight insects with a soft body such as mealy bugs, aphids, spider mites or white flies, use an oil spray such as sesame or fish oils.

One of the easiest ways to fight and prevent fungus growth is by using milk and water. Simply use a spray bottle and fill it halfway with milk then top the other half with regular tap water. Spray this on plants both inside and outside your home every three to four days.

Another way to prevent the growth of mildew is by using raw apple cider or vinegar. Simply spray these items on the leaves and the soil around the plants. Try out these natural organic fungicide – they will do the trick without the need for any harmful chemicals.

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