A Billion Earthday Events

Earthday events are one of the most important environmental events in the whole world today.

Earth Day was originally conceived by U.S. Senator, Gaylord Nelson, as an educational forum. It was first held on 22nd April 1970, where 20 million Americans gathered at parks and streets in a demonstration of a will for more sustainable environmental policies. However, it wasn’t until 20 years later that Earth Day went international. It is now celebrated in over 175 countries, where many Earthday events are held. Read about some of the most significant Earth Day activities that have taken place in the past.

2011 is no different from the last 40 years. Using the power of the worldwide web, the Earth Day Network has launched a massive campaign called A Billion Acts of Green. This campaign aims at the creation of Earth Day events all over the world and to rally people for the various environmental causes. The final objective is to mobilize one billion pledges to live, to act and to promote environmental sustainability – in other words, this could become the biggest environmental event ever.

The pledges can be simple acts by individual people, like a pledge to recycle or to save water, or they can be pledges by corporations to introduce green policies in their working environments. People can also pledge to organize a meeting, a rally and community work. This means that 2011’s Earthday events might amount to thousands all over the world.

Earth Day events and campaigns in 2011 also include several other initiatives.

Among them is the Athletes for the Earth initiative. This initiative seeks to tap on the influence of athletes as role models and to promote environmental awareness through several athletic events. Amongst those taking part in this initiative include Billy Demong (Olympic Nordic Combined Gold Medalist), Alison Gannet (Freeskier World Champion), Andrew Ference (Defense-man of the Boston Bruins) and Aaron Peirsol (Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer).

Another initiative that is part of the Earth Day 2011 is The Canopy Project: Plant a Billion Trees. This project seeks to plant a billion trees all over the world in collaboration with several agencies all over the world, from Landcare Australia and SOS Mata Atlântica in Brazil, to Tree Canada and MillionTreesNYC. Involving farmers in Mexico and school students in Japan, the project seeks to reforest the world and reduce carbon emissions.

The Women and the Green Economy (WAGE) initiative is aimed specifically at women all over the world in the hope of creating environmental awareness among them. This is because women make 85% of all consumer choices today, and with them rising to key positions of power, their influence in consumption is increasing. WAGE’s global advisory committee includes Dr. Pamela Hartigan, from the University of Oxford, and Martha Delgado Peralta, Secretary of the Mexico City Ministry of Environment.

Part of the Earth Day events for 2011 is the second Creating Climate Wealth Summit, that will take place in Washington, DC. The first summit took place in 2010, where 200 entrepreneurs and investors gathered in a forum with several environmental experts, challenging them to work in market solutions for a post-carbon economy. After last year's success, it was decided that the summit will be repeated in 2011.

As in the last 40 years, Earth Day will take place in the first day of spring, 22nd April 2011. Don’t forget to visit Earth Day Network website and make your pledge today.

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