Showcase Your Eco Friendly Home

As a green-goer, I’m sure you are a proud owner of an eco friendly home. I would not be surprised if you have made many efforts to incorporate green living principles in your way of life.

You might have started recycling, and encouraged your family members to do the same.

You might have started using more eco-friendly products, including more environmentally friendly household cleaners, in your efforts to reduce pollution by chemicals.

You might even have tried installing solar-energy panels in your home to generate your own clean energy.

Some of you might even have built yourself a eco home, using environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient appliances etc.

Whatever your efforts (big or small), they are commendable. As such, we are providing you with an avenue to showcase your efforts below.

Your stories will show others that green living is very much possible, whether in big or small ways. We also hope that your stories will inspire others to follow in your footstep and lead a greener way of life.

What’s Your Eco-Friendly Home Like?

What are some of the green living principles, activities or efforts you adopt at home?

Tell us your story.

Your efforts, whether big or small, deserve recognition. And we hope that your efforts will inspire others to do the same, so that our planet would be a healthier and happier place to live in.

So please share your story here. Do include photos of your home if you can.

Enter the title of your story (e.g. Eco Home In The Sky)

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