Buy Eco Friendly Items Online – Get iHerb Coupon Code

Are you looking for eco friendly items online?

If you are, then we will strongly recommend the online store, iHerb.


Tjol and I have been shopping at iHerb for several years now.

iHerb carries a large variety of quality brands for eco friendly and organic products, at very reasonable prices. Some of these brands include Seventh Generation, Dr Bronner’s, Ecover, Eden Foods, Aubrey Organics, and many more.

In fact, iHerb carries more than 24,000 types of items at any one time, including the following:

  • eco friendly household products including cleaning agents
  • natural beauty and personal care items
  • green cosmetics
  • organic food and supplements
  • natural baby care products

And amazingly, the prices at Iherb are very reasonable and affordable. You won’t believe it until you’ve checked it out.

And there is a $5.00 iHerb coupon for discounts off purchases for first-time customers. I will tell you more about it below.

You would be assured to know that iHerb has excellent customer service. Previously Tjol had a problem with an item he ordered (the bottle was broken when it arrived). In response, the online store promptly refunded the amount. No questions asked.

In addition, iHerb also provides instant online chat services for its customers like you and I. This means that if you have any questions about their organic or eco friendly items, or the ordering process, you can always pose your queries online wherever you are. And you will get instant responses from its customer service officers, as if you were talking to them over the phone!

You will also get to read the product reviews of those who have used iHerb’s products, and make a more informed choice when doing your shopping for organic and eco friendly items.

So I don’t think you will be surprised if I tell you that iHerb has been in business for nearly 14 years now.

Shipping by iHerb is extremely affordable, unlike many other online stores (some are obviously overcharging). In fact, shipping for US orders over US$40 is FREE. And in general, you can expect to receive your eco friendly items orders within days.

As a fellow environmentalist, you might also be glad to know that iHerb seeks to do its part for the environment by making use of 100% post-consumer recycled paper for 90% of all its shipping boxes. It also puts in place recycling practices within its processes, as well as identifies ways to reduce its carbon footprint during transportation.

Now, on the iHerb coupon that I told you about, it is a $5 discount that you can use for any order you make from iHerb. Simply enter the coupon code below when making your first purchase with iHerb.

iHerb coupon code: RIB416

On top of the $5.00 discount provided by the iHerb code, you will also get to enjoy various other iHerb discounts and percentage reductions when you order above a certain quantity. So, really, it pays to shop at iHerb!

To receive detailed instructions on how to use the iHerb code, and / or to receive this iHerb coupon code in your email, simply fill in your details here.

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    Get eco-friendly and organic products at reasonable prices (over 100 quality brands):
    • eco-friendly cleaning products
    • natural personal care items
    • green cosmetics
    • organic food items
    • organic baby care products
    • organic supplements

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