Eco-friendly Products Directory

The variety and number of eco-friendly products and brands available today are on the rise.

Springing up everywhere are eco versions of the items we use on a daily basis to make our way of life greener. Such green products include:

  • detergents, washing liquids and other household cleaners,
  • soaps, shampoos and other personal care products
  • cosmetics
  • clothings
  • food products
  • baby products
  • products and remedies related to pets
  • gift products
  • furniture maintenance products, paints and other agents used in the home
  • energy efficient light bulbs, refrigerators and air-conditioners, and other household appliances
  • gardening tools
  • eco cars

As such, we decided that our website would not be complete without a directory of some of the environmentally friendly products available.

Information in this directory is mainly provided by the manufacturers or producers of the various products, so you can have first hand information about the products on the market.

Information you can expect to find include why the product is considered environmentally friendly, the certifications (if any) that the product has and where the product can be purchased.

Some of the eco products or brands listed in this directory may be manufactured on a large scale in factories, while some others are actually innovations or inventions by the layman green-goer. In fact, the stories of innovative eco products created at home by avid green-goers (e.g. Jim Atkinson and his energy efficient space heater) may be especially inspiring to read about.

So find out more about the various going green products in our directory below.

In addition, if you are shopping for eco products, you may also want to check out the reviews of green products and brands contributed by our readers, to find out which brands and products are of quality and value-for-money, and are truly eco friendly.

You can also leave your recommendations or criticisms of eco products you have used yourself - what worked and what didn’t, which products are truly eco friendly and which ones are not as green as they seem, etc. Such information can help others make better purchasing decisions.

Eco Manufacturers,
What’s Your Eco-friendly Product About?

If you produce or manufacture a going green product, whether it is homemade or factory produced, I would love to share information about your product with my readers.

Anyone shopping for eco products will definitely find your product information very useful.

Please share information about your product below. Be sure to include the following details:
- what your product is about
- why your product is considered environmentally friendly
- the certifications (if any) that your product has
- other advantages of the product
- any story (if any) behind the birth of your product
- where the product can be purchased
- price range for the product

Note that regrettably, we are unable to provide links to external webpages in our directory.

What Other Eco Manufacturers Have Said

Click on the links below to see product information submitted by other eco manufacturers.

KEEP IT - The Eco Game 
"KEEP IT" is a board game that can be used for educating students and children on environmental conservation. In fact, this interactive game was invented …

Click here to write your own.

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