Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Here’s a sharing by our guest writer, Jim, who “made” his own energy efficient space heaters, through making good use of the heat that is otherwise being released (and wasted) in his home.

Read about his story and learn how you too can save money on heating costs using his “invention”.


By guest writer, Jim Atkinson

My wife and I try to be as “green” as much as we can. So we moved to central Missouri from south Texas, where we thought we won’t really need much heat.

But when we got to Missouri, we found out real quick that we still needed heat, and we needed it for about 6 months out of the year! When we got our heating bill for the first time, we were shocked. Subsequently, we turned down the thermostat and the stove etc, but then it got too cold in the house, so we suffered that first year.

We needed an energy efficient space heaters!

That is when we noticed steam coming out of homes. And it was coming out of ours too! That was the heat coming out of the dryer vent, and it was wasting heat.

That set me wondering why we couldn’t save that heat and make good use of it for an energy efficient space heaters. So we tried several ways of returning the heat back into the home from the dryer vent, but nothing worked really well, at least at the start.

Someone said put to a sock at the end of the vent. We tried – the sock allowed lint dust through and that was bad for breathing. Then we found the “bucket” sold at Lowes and Home Depot. We tried it out – it was messy and prone to turn over, leaving a big mess, and the lint still came through.

Then we thought of a friend of ours who makes commercial filters for industrial uses. In work places where workers previously had to wear respirators, after the installation of his filters, even the EPA and OSHA started allowing the workers to work without a respirator. So it means the filter must be working really well. So I thought, why wouldn’t it work on an electric clothes dryer?

We got hold of one of his filters, connected it up to the dryer vent, and low and behold, we have our energy efficient space heaters – free heat, some moisture, and no lint!

We have been using this filter prototype for our energy efficient space heaters for three years now – its the same one from the very start. All we do for maintenance is take the filter off the dryer vent, shake out the dirt and lint, wash it with a load of clothes, and put it back on wet onto the end of the dryer vent. It dries itself.

Our energy efficient space heaters “invention” allows us a lower thermostat setting, and we love the extra moisture it brings into the house – it raises the humidity up in the winter without a humidifier, and removes the static electricity. In case you are concerned about an overly humid house interior, a hot shower actually adds more humidity to the room than the dryer. And people who live along the coast have 80% humidity all the time.

We don’t recommend that you do ten loads of laundry a day – it is better to space it out. I like to wash clothes at night and then when I get up in the morning, I put them into the dryer. Within minutes, our house is warming up with heat that we release from the dryer.

So basically, our energy efficient space heaters is our dryer, plus our effective dryer vent filter. We name our “invention” the Dryernet.

We have been selling Dryernet for one year and we have reports from our customers. One said they have three teenagers and they save $50.00 a month on their heating bill. Another customer said they love the balmy feeling they get when they walk into the house.

One of our best testimonials is from a lady whose teenage son suffers from nose bleeds so bad, the teenager has to be on medicine to stop the nosebleeds at night. By using the Dryernet, they were able to take him off the medicine. In fact, there was once when she went on laundry strike for a week, the nosebleeds came back! She’s never going on laundry strike again.

You can learn more about the Dryernet at Or call Jim or Sandy at 636-388-2808.

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