Green Garden Tools

What are green garden tools?

Green gardening is the latest thing these days when it comes to eco green living . Take your green gardening efforts one more step by expanding your horizons to your tools as well.

You can actually make some tools yourself. The good news is that you don’t have to be an engineering whiz or be a rocket scientist to get the job done right. Alternatively, you could get your eco tools from eco gardening suppliers.

Reuse unwanted items as tools

One of the easiest things you can to do beautify your garden and keep it green at the same time is to reuse unwanted objects as plant containers. Look for such items as old wheelbarrows or wooden barrels as they will look great with plants flowing out of them. If you need something smaller, old coffee cans or even rubber boots can be made into containers. Simply fill the “container” with good quality organic potting soil, making sure the plant is not too big for the container, and insert the plant or the seeds.

If you need to create a boundary around your garden or maybe you want to add a pathway for guests, do so with reused bricks. Simply visit a brick company in your town and see if they have any extras left over from recent projects. Chances are you will be able to walk away with as many bricks as you want for a small price.

To keep your green garden tools near your garden (so that you don’t have to keep walking back and forth to the garden shed), place an old mailbox or newspaper box nearby as a way to store them. These can even be nailed to a nearby fence and they will also keep your garden tools save from the elements.

One of the best things you can do in the green movement is to collect rain water. You can then use this water to water your garden and thereby reduce your dependency on the local water supply. One way to collect the rain water is to reuse an unwanted metal, wooden or plastic barrel or pail.

Creating your own row markers is easy to do as well. Simply use wooden Popsicle sticks and then write on them with a permanent marker.

Choosing clean and energy efficient garden tools

It may not be very evident, but the type of lawn mower you use can also have an impact on the environment. For example, a gas-powered lawn mower produces smog and adds carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide to the atmosphere, causing air pollution.

Alternatively, an electric lawn mower is much cleaner to use. However, nothing is as environmentally friendly as the old-fashioned push mower – not only does it not require the use of fuel and produces zero air pollution, it gives you the opportunity to do some exercise while maintaining your garden!

What this means is – use hand-driven tools in the garden as much as you can – they are greener than the electricity or fuel driven ones. Not only do they give you the chance to have a good work-out while practicing green gardening they allow you to be in touch with nature through working with your hands.

That said, if you really must use electric garden tools like the lawn mower, leaf blower or string trimmer, opt for energy efficient ones. Read more about energy efficiency appliances.

Also, when purchasing the materials needed for your garden, use organic garden seeds, organic garden soil, organic weed control and organic garden pest control.

Engage nature’s little helpers -- encourage the growth of beneficial garden insects and creatures like the earthworm. They help to maintain the ecological balance in your garden and help your plants strive.

Other eco tools for gardening

We got some suppliers of eco gardening tools to tell us about the various eco tools available in the market. Read more about what they have to say about eco tools for gardening.

What not to use as green garden tools

When you are looking to make green gardening tools there are some objects you will want to avoid in order not to do damage to the environment.

For example, never make a rain barrel out of anything that once held any petroleum or chemical products.

In addition, don’t use railroad ties as a border as they are treated with creosote.

Avoid using old tires as a planter as they can leach chemicals into the soil.

Where To Find Eco Gardening Tools?

If you produce or manufacture garden tools that are environmentally friendly, I would love to share information about your product(s) with others.

Anyone shopping for eco-friendly gardening tools will definitely find your product information very useful.

Please share information about your product(s) below. Be sure to include the following details:
- what your product is about
- why your product is considered environmentally friendly
- the certifications (if any) that your product has
- any story (if any) behind the birth of your product
- where the product can be purchased

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