Gift Ideas For Women – Something Organic And Natural

When it comes to great gift ideas for women, you can always consider classic gifts, while including that additional element of “organic and natural”.

Why organic and natural?

Go straight to ideas for eco gift for women.

Organic and natural products are becoming increasingly popular.

Health conscious consumers are opting for organic varieties, while the rest of us who understand our impact on our home planet are starting to reach for the natural, more eco-friendly products as well.

This is because organic and natural products usually contain minimal harmful substances, and hence toxic chemicals would not have a chance to bio-accumulate in our bodies, nor change our genetics or cause cancer. That is why they are healthier for our bodies.

In addition, by virtue of the fact that they contain less harmful substances, these natural products are also less harmful for the environment.

That is why more people are turning to the organic and natural when it comes to gifts for their loved ones. These eco gifts are not only beneficial to their loved ones, they are also beneficial to the environment that we live in.

Read more about why you should consider eco gifts, and what eco gifts are all about.

Organic and natural gift ideas for women

Anyway, to help you put together some organic and natural gift ideas for women, here are some suggestions we have.

Really, you’re only limited by your imagination. When it comes to organic and natural gifts, the first thing that probably comes to mind is food. But that’s not all – you can also give the lady in mind organic clothing, fair-trade jewellery, or organic beauty products.

Organic clothing

You can also definitely include organic clothing on your shopping list of gift ideas for women.

Choose clothing made out of organic hemp, cotton or bamboo. They are healthier for the skin because the fabric they are made of are usually unbleached, untreated, undyed and free of formaldehyde. These organic clothes are also more comfortable to wear, and some can be very stylish as well. In addition, when it is time to discard them after wear and tear, they pose less harm to the environment. Read more about the different types of organic clothing.

Online stores like NIMLI offers some of these organic clothing in fashionable designs. Yes, organic clothes are no longer dull and boring. They can be stylish and pretty too.

Fair-trade jewellery

If you are thinking about jewellery as gift ideas for women recipients, then you might wish to consider fair-trade handmade jewellery.

Handmade jewellery guarantees you a unique piece of gift, and fair-trade actually empowers the poor through giving a means of livelihood by tapping on their cultural skills and art. You can find some of these fair-trade handmade jewellery at GiftsWithHumanity – this online store sells handmade jewellery and other crafts by artisans in Africa, Asia and America. You might be pleased to know that GiftsWithHumanity does more than promote the craftworks of artisans in disadvantaged areas. It actually goes a step further to make a donation equal to 10% of your purchase to your favourite cause. So if you are intending to get a gift for your lady loved one, why not consider Gifts With Humanity. Not only will you be getting her a unique piece of gift, you can also dedicate the 10% donation to a cause that she is passionate about. I’m sure she would be thrilled to receive this doubly special gift.

Organic beauty products

There are currently a lot of green cosmetic products emerging on the market, and these organic beauty products make wonderful gift ideas for women who love make-up.

These organic and natural beauty products use minimal or no harmful chemicals – in contrast to the “big sellers” today which use chemicals known to cause genetic mutations and to bio-accumulate in our human bodies.

Look for organic make-up that is mineral-based, and free of preservatives like synthetic dyes and paraben (associated with breast cancer). You can find a complete range of make-up necessities that your lady recipient. Choose from the many varieties of mineral-based eye shadow, natural foundation, organic lipsticks and other green makeup.

Organic food

And last but not least, one of the things you can include in an organic gift basket for your lady gift recipient is definitely a handful of her favourite food and snacks – the organic versions, of course!

Organic food and beverages are definitely healthier – they are usually produced with minimal use of harmful chemicals like synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and their ingredient list usually contain mainly natural ingredients and minimal harmful chemicals.

Some of the organic food items you can consider are organic tea and coffee or, preserved fruit snacks (they are definitely healthier than potato chips).

Organically cultivated Chinese tea can be rich in health promoting properties. Some of the organic Chinese tea can help in weight loss, body circulation, calming of nerves or are simply rich in antioxidants. They make great gift ideas for women who love tea and are health conscious.

You can also consider organic preserved fruits and nuts, organic coffee, organic dark chocolates or organic cookies. They make healthier food gifts than the conventional non-organic foods you find off the shelf of departmental stores. You can find quite a large range of these organic and healthy snacks from my favourite online store, Iherb, at reasonable prices (and a $5 discount).

If your lady gift recipient is into cooking, you could even get her some organic broth powder, spices, organic seasoning ingredients and organic vanilla beans to make her own organic vanilla ice-cream! You can find all these organic products online affordable prices. The prices at Iherb are extremely reasonable, and you can have the products delivered to your doorstep. And what’s more, Iherb seeks to do its part for the environment by making use of 100% post-consumer recycled paper for most of all its shipping boxes. It also puts in place recycling practices within its processes, as well as identifies ways to reduce its carbon footprint during transportation.

Remember, when you choose to buy organic, you are telling her that you care about her body and health. At the same time, you are also contributing to sustainable farms that do not use any harmful chemicals. Read about the benefits of organic food.

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An additional note on getting an eco-friendly gift

Here’s an additional point to note when it comes to eco gift ideas for women -- if you wish to be real sure about protecting the environment.

Besides checking to see if an item is marked as organic, you can also look out for the products’ packaging. For example, Styrofoam and plastic packaging are not desirable, as they are not biodegradable. Also, the lesser the packaging there is, the better. With minimal packaging, waste production can be reduced.

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