Gifts For Wife – Go Eco And Organic

If you’re looking for gifts for wife of yours, bear in mind that there are few things that would be more appreciated than a gift designed to pamper her.

We know that wives are always on the lookout for their husbands’ wellbeing, so it’s time for you to return that love when you shop for gifts for her.

Before I share gift ideas (below) for your wife, let me first touch on an important point – why choose organic and eco friendly products as gifts for your wife.

Why choose eco friendly versions

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In the past couple of years, there have been many companies that are coming out with products that use natural ingredients, if not outright organic ones. These products are not just healthier to the body, they are healthier to the planet.

This is because the natural and organic products contain minimal toxic chemicals, unlike the conventional products currently on the market which are made of chemicals implicated in bioaccumulation and genetic mutations.

An example of one harmful chemical found in conventional body and face lotions is Parabens (often used as a preservative in these conventional body products). Research has found a link between Parabens and breast cancer. Not only that, Parabens has also been linked to adverse effects on testosterone secretion and the male reproductive system. In other words, Parabens is something you won’t want your wife, nor yourself, to be in contact with, especially on the long term basis.

And if chemicals like Parabens can have such impact on humans, it can also impact the environment and the health of other living things in nature. Indeed, Parabens that persists in treated water has been found to be disruptive to the hormonal systems and genetics of aquatic animals.

If you really want the best for your beloved wife, and want to do your part for the environment, then you should seriously consider organic, eco friendly gifts for your wife. By choosing organic and eco friendly products when purchasing gifts for wife of yours, you will be assured that the creams and lotions which she slathers on her skin, or the food she is consuming, won’t harm her in the long run.

If your wife is not already using organic and eco products, encourage her to use them. These natural and eco-friendly products are not only good for her, they are also safer for the environment. A product with no synthetic chemicals doesn’t mean a product that is any less effective –it simply means a healthier and smarter consumer choice.

Read more about the principles to adopt when choosing eco friendly gifts for your loved ones.

Ideas for organic, eco gifts for wife

Organic cosmetics

Many women love cosmetics. It could be for a variety of reason, although a main reason could be that make-up makes them feel more attractive and confident of themselves. Is your wife one of them? If yes, then maybe you could consider getting natural cosmetics as gifts for wife of yours.

Some of the brands of cosmetics that make efforts to limit the number of toxic ingredients include Aubrey Organics, Ecco Bella and Honeybee Gardens. I bought my first make-up items (i.e. foundation power, eye-liner and mascara) from these brands, and not only are they easy to use, they work great and most important of all, I feel safe using them.

If you are keen to get some of these cosmetic products for your wife, you can find some at good prices from Iherb.

The range of organic cosmetics available in the market today is large – you can find items like foundation and powder, lipsticks and lip gloss, blushers, eye-liners and eye shadows, to name a few.

If you are not sure what to get for your wife, take a peep into her make-up case (when she’s not looking, of course, for the surprise element). Take note of the items she uses, and the colours she uses.

Alternatively, if your wife is very particular with the type of cosmetics she uses, you could “bring her shopping” online instead! Give her a homemade shopping voucher that indicates how much she can buy from on your account. I’m sure she will enjoy the shopping experience.
Organic personal care products

If your wife is not into cosmetics, you can consider organic and natural personal care products instead.

Make her a gift basket of some of the personal care products (e.g. conditioning shampoo, perfume, moisturizers, sunscreen, bath salts, etc) she uses regularly, but using the organic versions of course!

Some of the organic brands to look out for include Pangea Organics, Dr Bronner’s and Lily of the Dessert. Get a $5 discount from Iherb when purchasing these brands.

Be sure to avoid chemicals like Triclosan (used for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, but has been linked to cancer) and Phthalates (linked to genital defects in male babies) in the personal care products you choose as gifts for wife of yours.
Organic clothes

How about getting some clothes made of more natural materials as gifts for wife?

Organic clothes, often made of organic cotton, bamboo and hemp, are not only comfortable (organic cotton fabric is remarkably soft), they also allow the skin to breathe better and they can also be stylish!

You might not know, our skin is a dynamic tissue system that is able to absorb the chemicals it comes into contact with into the blood stream. In fact, it is estimated that 60% of the chemicals our skin comes into contact with are completely or partially absorbed into our circulatory system. With conventional fabrics (eg. non-organic cotton), chemicals like conventional dyes and wrinkle-resistant substances may be applied, and in turn, these chemicals can enter our body through our skin, since the clothes are in such close contact with our skin all the time.

Not only that, conventional fabrics are also less healthy for the environment, since they are often grown using synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

With clothes made of organic fabric, we have fewer concerns about harmful chemicals coming into contact with our skin and entering our body. So why not get your wife an organic blouse or dress as a gift?

Contrary to common perceptions, eco clothings are not boring and dull. Some can be really pretty and attractive.
Eco jewellery

One of the gift ideas for women that usually comes to mind is jewellery.

Amongst the possible gifts for wife, you can consider fair-trade handmade jewellery.

When you buy your woman a piece of handmade jewellery, you are definitely getting her a unique gift that no one else has. Especially when natural the materials (e.g. seashells and seeds) are used, no two pieces of jewellery will be totally identical. And women definitely love the unique touch to the jewellery they don.

And what makes such fair-trade handmade jewellery a worthy cause is because they support the fair-trade cause – to empower the financially poor in the world, by giving them a means of living through their cultural skills and arts, at the same time preserving their cultural identity and promoting environmental sustainability.

So when you think gifts for wife, you can definitely consider fair-trade handmade jewellery.

You can find some of these fair-trade handmade jewellery at Gifts With Humanity, an online store that sells crafts handmade by artisans in Africa, Asia and America. At this online store, you can find unique pieces of jewellery gifts for wife at very affordable prices. Below are some samples. There’s also handmade handbags, accessories and gift certificates to choose from. In fact, Gifts With Humanity goes a further step to make a donation equal to 10% of your purchase to your favourite cause (you have to indicate what your cause is, of course). So why not consider gifts for wife at Gifts With Humanity, and dedicate the 10% donation to a cause your wife is passionate about. I’m sure she would be thrilled to receive this very special gift.

Some last pointers to bear in mind

In fact, there is no limit to how many ideas you can put together for healthy eco-friendly gifts for wife. You can even combine some of the ideas above into a gift hamper for your wife.

Just bear in mind, to be truly eco friendly, you will also need to reduce the materials you use for gift wrapping -- if you must gift wrap, try reusing materials like unwanted magazine paper or newspaper or towels for gift wrapping. In fact, such unconventional wrapping material can add to the surprise element!

It is also important to get gifts for wife that she will actually use and love.

And since cosmetics, personal care products, clothes and jewellery are things most women use on a daily basis – you can’t go too wrong with them.

If you want to be extra careful, try sussing out your wife’s taste before you actually click the buy button.

Or allow her to do the shopping her, by “bringing her shopping” online! This means you could sit beside her as she surfs on the online stores (with a pre-determined budget), or you could get her a gift certificate.

This way, you can avoid unused items lying around the house, and you also avoid throwing out something that is barely used – which means you are contributing to unnecessary waste in the process.

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