Going Green Products

There are millions of going green products out there for the green consumer worldwide, be it for the festive season, birthdays or life-style needs.

So what is a green product?

It can be simply defined as a product which leaves a smaller eco footprint in its production, use or disposal – either because it is made by recycling existing products or because it is made using less resources or it is less polluting, than its mainstream counterpart.

Going green products can be made from recycled material. Such recycled products can be produced in different way. For instance, the recyclable material could be converted back into a similar product, such as waste paper back into paper or cardboard. Or the recyclable material could be turned into a completely new product, for instance some plastics can be melted down to make fleece jackets, or soda cans might be turned into clocks.

An existing product could also be an eco-friendly product as a company revises its production methods or transport logistics etc. This could include how the item is packaged or how its use or eventual disposal is carried out, for a harmless or near harmless effect to the environment.

Going green products may also be produced by going green companies which make efforts to cut down on electricity usage, switch to low (or non-) polluting fleet vehicles, hold video conferencing rather than flying to meet people, reduce their packaging or make them more biodegradable. The list is endless.

There are now many domestic electrical appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, fridge-freezers and dryers, which are becoming more and more energy efficient today.

While some going green products are likely to be more expensive, it seems that more and more people are becoming more willing to pay a little more for a better peace of mind, knowing that they are not harming the environment in their consumption. And often, these people find that some green options will actually help save them money in the long run.

Types of green products

Such is the demand for going green products that we are finding a growing market as people want to purchase more ethically and environmentally friendly things.

There are even 'green' banks! That's right, even banks can claim green credentials for investing in green business and green products.

Some manufacturers have introduced domestic cleaning products which have a near zero effect or eco footprint on the environment as compared with most well know bleaches or cleaners (when we use bleach to clean our toilets or wash the dishes, we may actually pouring pollution down our drains and loos. The chemicals in the cleaners may leak into the soil around broken water and sewerage pipes, and make their way into rivers, affecting wild life around). The use of such green cleaners can help us reduce the impact of our cleaning activities on our environment.

Organic foods are actually more environmentally friendly than non organic ones. This is because vegetables which are farmed conventionally using pesticides and weed killers are bad for the environment as the chemicals may seep back into the soil, often affecting natural wildlife both on land and in rivers and seas. So you may want to begin shopping for more organic food stuffs.

There are also manufacturers who have put in place ways to recycle parts of their old products, so as to create as little wastage as possible. They may even offer attractive incentives to encourage customers to trade in an old, often more polluting item for a new more energy-efficient one.

Selecting green products

To help consumers select green products, some countries have introduced or are introducing standardised green labelling to indicate the environmental impact of products. Not all these green credentials are certified however. So look out for the appropriate labelling to assist you when you are buying green.

Before you embark on your shopping for green products, you may want to check out our green product directory to find out about the range of goods and brands available.

More importantly, do check out the reviews of environmentally friendly products and brands contributed by our readers, to find out which brands and products are of quality and value-for-money, and are truly eco friendly.

Leave your recommendations or criticisms of eco products you have used yourself and help others make better purchasing decisions.

If you are a supplier or manufacturer of going green products and wish to share more about your eco-friendly items with our readers, contact us through our green shopping catalog.

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