Green Gardening

Green gardening is a relatively new term that has only begun to pop up more and more since the advent of the green movement. Since then, gardeners, both big and small, have started to adopt some of the properties that go along with the eco green living.

While it might not be obvious, gardening practices can affect the environment. If not correctly planned, even the smallest garden can create erosion and fertilizer pollution issues and the dangers of pesticides use can harm the plants, the soil and the water.

Green gardening attempts to minimize the impact of gardening on the environment. The key in maintaining an eco friendly garden is to minimize disturbance to the environment, and keep things simple.

Matching plants to climate and soil conditions

One of the most important steps you can take when planning your garden is to match the plants to the climate in which you live.

Especially if your climate is dry and there is little rainfall for your outdoor garden, you might want to reconsider having plants that require a lot of water. You may end up harming the environment in using a large amount of water in order to keep your plants alive.

Instead, match your plants to the climatic conditions. If you insist on having tropical plants that require a lot of water, then keep them indoors, where they can be watered more efficiently.

Another way to support a green garden is to know your soil. There are some plants that won’t grow in certain soil types and trying to do so is a waste of money, time and materials. Instead, have your soil tested so that you know which type of plants will grow and thrive under those specific conditions.

Use organic materials

When it comes to green gardening, it is important to use organic materials as much as possible.

Not only are organic materials less harmful to the environment (they are usually made from natural components and are biodegradable), they are healthier for you and your loved ones.

Use organic garden seeds, organic garden soil, organic weed control, organic garden pest control and organic fungicide.

Encourage the growth of beneficial garden insects. They help to maintain the ecological balance in your garden.

If you need to improve the soil, do so in a green way. Some of these ways include using organic fertilizers that don’t contain any added chemicals. You can also use organic compost materials to add nutrients to your soil. If you find that you have soil that is made out of clay, then you might want to work mulch into it at the end of each growing season in order to improve not only the soil, but the drainage as well.

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Reuse materials you already have

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money in order to practice green gardening.

One easy way to do is to reuse items you already have in your home and yard.

You can use your worn out clothes as rags for cleaning up your garden. You can use the piles of leaves you sweep up for composting. Composting is a form of recycling – recycling of organic materials. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on something you already have lying around.

Another idea is to use old newspapers to make biodegradable pots. Such green garden crafts keep the newspapers out of landfills, and when they break down, they add nutrients to the soil.

You can also use old newspapers as a soil moistener. Simply place shredded newspaper at the bottom of plant containers to soak up extra water that would have otherwise drained off and be wasted.

If you prune your trees, use the twigs and sticks as plant stakes in your garden. Not only will these look more natural, but you are saving other wood products.

Use energy efficient tools

Choose clean and energy efficient garden tools.

Not many people realize it, but the type of lawn mower or garden tillers you use can have an impact on the environment. For example, a gas-powered lawn mower releases harmful gases into the atmosphere, causing air pollution, where an electric lawn mower is much cleaner to use.

Hand-driven tools are actually the greenest to use, as compared to electricity or fuel driven tools. In addition, not only do they give you the chance to have a good work-out while gardening, they allow you to be really in touch with nature -- through working with your hands, touching and feeling the leaves and soil.

That said, if you really must use electric garden tools, opt for energy efficient ones. Read more about energy efficiency appliances such as the solar garden lights.

Green gardening is not difficult, but it will take a little work and creativity on your part, at least in the beginning. However, you will soon feel the joy – of not only having something beautiful to look at, but also knowing that you are doing something good for the environment at the same time.

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