Green Living Ideas

By guest writer, Keith A

Looking for green living ideas?

It’s a little different saying you’re going to “go green” than it is to actually do. It takes a new outlook on the environment and our individual impact on it. So where does one start?

Sit down, take a deep breath, and relax. It is a lot easier than one might think. Here are a handful of green living ideas that are sure to work without burning a hole in your pocket.

You can start with something easy and very much within your means: electricity.

There are a handful of ways to cut down on use of electricity, which in return means saving money.

Turn the lights off when they are not in use! When the sun is out, open the blinds, curtains etc, and enjoy the natural lighting and warmth.

Minimize the time you spend in front of the television. Not only will this cut down on electrical watts used, it may even enhance your quality of life! Instead of spending so much time in front of the television set and passively absorbing what the shows have to offer (which is simple and not very challenging), pick up a book to read, play board games with your loved ones, or even pick up a new hobby. All these activities will help you stimulate your brain, bond with your loved ones and relight some passion in your life, at the same time as you cut down on your electricity use!

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Next, try recycling.

Recycling may take a little more effort, but it will pay off in the long run.

Nearly everything can be recycled, including food scraps. All it takes are a few bins -- one for plastics, one for metals, and one for paper. Everything from cereal boxes to food cans can be placed in these bins, before sending them to the recycling collection centres.

A compost heap in the backyard can account for the rest of biodegradable “garbage” produced. Composting is a fantastic way to produce fertilizer for the yard and gardens. These green living ideas will not only benefit the environment, but can actually help you save some money.

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Out of all of these wonderful green living ideas, the most important is to reduce your driving (or at least adopt green driving tips)! Walk when you can, drive only when it is really necessary. Not only will you be lowering your carbon emissions, and getting a more exercise, you will actually be “in” your environment rather than just driving through it. You’d be surprised by all the “new” things you’ll find and friendly people you’ll meet – what you might not get to experience when you simply drive past them.

No matter how simple our green efforts may apply to be, they are important and will add up over time. Of course, feel free to add any new ideas to this list. Hopefully this will only ignite some thought about ways to better the environment.

If you have other ideas for green living to share, contact us! :)

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