Green Living Recycling

By guest writer, Keith A

Why bother about green living recycling?

After a day’s shopping, you may have bought something. You bring it home, unwrap it, and toss the package into the trash can. On garbage day, you put it all into a bigger trash can out on the curb and the garbage truck takes it away. But where does the garbage truck take the trash?

Well, to a landfill. Or it gets burned, or shipped overseas for disposal. Anyway, resources have to be used to dispose of the waste you have generated.

The U.S. creates around 200 billion tons of trash every year, which takes up a lot of room on precious land. America has become the number one polluter of the world according to the Environmental Defense Fund. Our quality and ways of living have contributed to this. It is scary to think of where our world will be in ten years from now, if we do not do something about this problem.

Conversely, if everyone gets into green living recycling, we would have less of a problem (read about the benefits of going green and the importance of recycling, and how they mitigate climate change). It may sound like something difficult, but it is a lot easier than you might think. A person can become an environmentalist in everyday life.

Green living recycling is a contribution we all can make to help protect the environment.

It is sad to know of people who don’t recycle, because they believe it is time consuming and too much effort. Recycling is an easy task that basically involves setting aside a couple of trash cans or bins to collect unwanted cans, plastic bottles, newspaper/paper or cardboard products etc (check out what can be recycled) and subsequently sending them to the recycling collection centres.

In fact, some communities pay you for the recyclables. In this way, you could actually make money recycling!

Composting is another great way to take a step towards green living recycling. Anything that is food waste can be composted, along with the autumn leaves and grass clippings. This could also become a fun and educational recycling project for your kids. Not only will you be reducing your waste, you can also create free fertilizer for your organic garden or yard. How great it would be to have the greenest lawn and the most vibrant flowers on the block, all because you started recycling your waste?

There are other things you can do. When going to the market or store, reduce your use of plastic bags by bringing your own shopping bags. But if you really must use new plastic bags, remember to reuse them, for instance, by lining your trash cans at home. Trader Joes offers only paper bags, which is a great environmentally conscious marketplace. If you save your bags and return them on your next visit, you get entered for a monthly drawing for one of two 25 dollar shopping sprees. Wahoo! Read more about what it means to go green and tips for recycling.

Going green recycling is an important thing ALL of us can do to help save our planet. All it takes is some time and effort. In your efforts, it is important to remember the principle of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle for greatest effectiveness. If we want to make a better tomorrow, then we need to start making a difference today by practicing green living recycling in our daily lives.

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