The Best Of Green Technology
& Innovations

Impressive advances in green technology, also known as environmental or sustainable technology, have been made during the past few decades.

Environmental technology comprises areas like green energy, green manufacturing, green buildings and urban planning, pollution control and conservation.

Technological advancements and innovations in these areas, however simple they may be, have made our lives better and greener in many ways.

That is why we decided to set up this page, to give people a chance to highlight the green innovations that have impacted their lives and benefited the environment. 

In turn, innovations in sustainable technology can range from simple appliances like energy efficient devices, to highly complicated and specialized systems like recycling facilities and systems, climate monitoring systems, air filtering devices and systems etc.

Such valuable innovations deserve the additional exposure and recognition.

Greater public awareness of the existence of these technology / innovations can also increase their utilization and bring about positive impact on our environment.

And who knows, some of you out there might even be inspired to come up with new green innovations yourselves.


What Is Your Favorite
Green Technological Innovation?

Is there a green innovation that simply amazes you?

For example, a technology / innovation in tool, process, or even system that has an unimaginably large impact on the environment, and for which you are very thankful for?

Or is there a simple technology / innovation that can be produced at home, or is simple to use, yet contributes substantially to your efforts for green living?

Tell us about this favorite green technological innovation, and what makes it so amazing. Include photos if you can.

Enter the name of the green innovation (e.g. Energy Efficient Refridgerator)

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