Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas – They Help You Go Green

Brainstorming for homemade Christmas gift ideas this coming Christmas season?

Benefits of homemade Christmas gifts

Go straight to ideas for homemade Christmas gifts.

Homemade Christmas gifts are a great way to add a very personal touch to your gift giving ritual this holiday season. We have all read blurbs about people recounting the best gifts they have ever received, and it is often the case that this “best present” is a homemade, personalized gift.

With homemade gifts, you don’t have to pay for the advertising, packaging and transportation costs of items you purchase from departmental stores. Instead, you can have a better control of the gift budget, since you can readily choose materials or components for making the gift that are well within your budget.

In turn, the money you save can be used for extra food items during the Christmas dinner, for example, an organic turkey instead of the conventional variety that are often pumped with hormones to make them ready for the holiday season.

But what many people may not know about the benefits of homemade Christmas gift ideas is that they can actually be better for the planet than the standard mass-produced gifts you purchase off the shelf.

Many of the mass-produced gift items are things that your gift recipients actually do not need. How many times have you yourself received off-the-shelf Christmas gifts that you simply chuck away in a corner of your cupboard after the festive season is over?

On the contrary, with homemade Christmas gift ideas, you get to customize your gifts to what your gift recipients might like or use. Homemade gifts can also be less energy-consuming to produce, since you get to cut out the shipping process (from factories to the store).

Homemade gifts also have the benefit of giving materials (originally headed for the recycling or trash bin) a new lease of life. For example, an unwanted ribbon can now be reused as part of the gift-wrap for a homemade Christmas gift ideas. This process of hand-making your gifts can help to contribute to less waste, especially if you seek to reuse materials as much as possible. In the process of making homemade gifts, you might have to purchase some materials. Try to minimize that if you can. Be innovative, find alternatives that already exist at home.

Because you have a choice over the type of materials, you can choose the environmentally more friendly or biodegradable versions. You also get to reduce the gift wrapping over your gifts, which is an important factor for eco-friendly gifts.

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

With homemade Christmas gift ideas, you will need to start planning your gifts and start collecting your materials early. Though it may sound troublesome, it is actually this preparation that makes the gift really special, and it helps build up the excitement to Christmas when the gift is ready.

Below are some homemade Christmas Gift Ideas that you can try out this upcoming festive season.

Homemade food gifts

If you have a garden, especially an organic garden, you may want to consider canning some of the organic produces from your garden as homemade Christmas gift ideas.

Garden produces that can be canned include vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers, and fruits like peaches, plums, berries and apricots, etc. Your gift recipient can use these organic food gifts for cooking a feast at other times. At the same time, these canned produces can also make good deserts at the Christmas dinner table.

Personalise these Christmas food gifts by canning the type of fruits or vegetables your gift recipient likes, and possibly even adding the types of spices and herbs he or she likes in the canning process.

Another great item you can find in your garden for homemade Christmas gift ideas is dried herbs. Such herbs gifts are especially great for those who love to cook. You can reuse a small or medium fancy jar, or buy one anytime throughout the year when they are on sale, and prepare this unique gift for your loved ones as Christmas gifts.

Include tags that suggest a recipe for each herb on the jar. You could even include personalized labels on the jars, such as a reminder to give thanks, smell the roses and smile. These personalized messages are bound to help bring smiles to your gift recipient as he or she cooks.

Personalized decorative gifts

A craft you make as a homemade Christmas gift is a personalized door-sign. This door sign could be the name of your gift recipient, or contain a heart warming message or a funny message, depending on your gift recipient’s personality.

You could cut out a piece of cardboard from an unwanted corrugated box as backing for the door sign, and decorate the door-sign from materials you gather from nature, such as acorns or pine cones that have fallen to the ground, or sea shells you pick up from the beach during the summer holidays. You can also use dried flowers (by hanging them upside down). An alternative to a door-sign would be a personalized name stand, where your gift recipient could proudly display or his or her work desk.

Another one of the homemade Christmas gift ideas would be to make your own potpourri from dried flowers. Depending on the scent that your gift recipient likes, you can add on the scent by using drops of organic essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary or tea tree. Some of these essential oils have medicinal properties, beyond just smelling good. You can purchase organic essential oils at very reasonable price from Iherb.

If you are into clay work, you can also considering creating a decorative bowl for your gift recipient for his or her living room. Similarly, you could decorate the bowl with little items from nature. This homemade decorative bowl could be used for holding fruits, keys, stationary or even serve as a flower pot, depending on the design of the bowl you create.

Homemade Christmas gifts the kids will love

One of the homemade Christmas gift ideas that kids would love is their very own tire swing. The kids will have hours of fun on this simple and cheap toy. And in the process, you get to give a new lease of life to an originally unwanted worn out car tire.

Of course, you will need somewhere to hang the tire swing on, for example, a tree or a strong wooden frame. Read more about the steps to creating your very own tire swing.

Another one of the homemade Christmas gift ideas you can consider is to build the kids a birdhouse or birdbath. This homemade Christmas gift is bound to bring many hours of joy to the kids as they watch the birds arriving at the birdhouse to nest or at the birdbath to bathe.

Do note, however, that birdhouses should be placed where natural predators (e.g. cats) cannot reach them. Face the door of the birdhouse away from the prevailing wind, and place it somewhere partially shaded.

Alternatively, you could sprout a seed early in the year, and when Christmas comes, you could present the seedling (or even half grown plant) to your gift recipient as a homemade Christmas gift. If your gift recipient is a plant lover, or already has a garden of his or her own, he or she is very likely to be glad about the new addition. Choose a plant that your gift recipient will like, may it be a flowering plant, a herb plant, or even an exotic fern.

Useful homemade craft gifts

Some homemade Christmas gift ideas you can consider is to make your gift recipient something useful. Examples of such homemade Christmas gift ideas include homemade soap.

With homemade soap, you get to choose the ingredients. For example, you get to choose natural oils that are healthier for the skin. You also get to choose the type of fragrance you like (using organic essential oils instead of some artificial fragrance made from petroleum), and can even add herbs to give your homemade soap medicinal properties. Read more about the steps to making your own homemade soap as gifts for this Christmas.

Alternatively, you could try making homemade candles as homemade Christmas gift ideas. With homemade candles, you could create candles that your gift recipient could use for different occasions beyond Christmas. For example, you could create romantic candles that he or she could use for a romantic candlelight dinner. Alternatively, your gift recipient could use the aromatic candle you create during his or her yoga practice for relaxation purpose. And homemade candle making can be fun for yourself, the gift giver, too. You get to be creative, as you choose colours, shapes, and types of fragrances to use.

You could also make a personalized notebook or sketch book for your gift recipient out of recycled paper. In fact, you could make your own recycled paper – it is quite easy, you just need some unwanted paper, a blender or mixer, water and glue. You can even make coloured or patterned recycled paper by adding materials like flower parts, string, etc. Read the step by step guide on making your own recycled paper.

Patch blankets are one of the common personalized Christmas gifts. You can use old clothes to make the blanket. Select fabric from your gift recipient’s favourite old clothes (which can no longer be worn), if you can, to add meaning to the patch blanket you are going to make.

You can also put together a knitted jacket, sweater or scarf, personalized with the gift recipient’s initials. These ideas may be conventional, but they are bound to touch the hearts of your gift recipients, and form part of their memories even after many years down the line.

A very unique homemade Christmas gift ideas

Some may not realize it, but some of the best gifts may not always need to involve the receiving of a material or physical thing.

If you have a loved one who lives far away (and hence you only get to see him or her once in a long while), resides in a Home (for whatever reason), or is stuck in hospital, perhaps the best Christmas gift you could give the person is your companionship. Instead of spending the time to browse through the shelves of departmental stores and joining long queues to pay for the selected items, why not use that time to keep that loved one company?

In fact, you could organize the family together to keep the loved one company. During that gathering, each person could bring a simple food item (that would save you the time and trouble of preparing an entire meal). The happy moments and memories that you create for your loved one during that gathering would probably be worth a lot more, and last a lot longer, to your loved one, as well as those others attending the gathering. This is definitely a unique homemade Christmas gift ideas worth considering.

The key to great homemade Christmas gift ideas is to keep in mind what your gift recipient needs or wants. Think beyond material things even. A gift that is given for the sake of having something to give is unlikely to be very useful. In fact, it will most likely only contribute to unwanted clutter and eventually waste. Make a gift at home that you know your gift recipient will be loved, and feel good about spending less money as well as helping the planet be a cleaner, greener place.

Read about more ideas for homemade Christmas gifts:

If unfortunately, time is not on your side, and you need to resort to purchasing Christmas gifts for your loved ones, why not consider eco-friendly products as gifts for them? Such green products are definitely healthier for your gift recipients as they are for your loved ones. Read more about Christmas gifts ideas you can use this festive season.

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