How To Recycle Paper At Home

Why learn how to recycle paper?

For those of us who are aware that humans has caused substantial environmental degradation to the earth and have understood the importance of recycling, the notion of recycling paper is not new.

But why learn how to recycle paper at home?

Learning to make your own recycled paper at home would allow you to make numerous creative items that can in turn be given away as personalised gifts. Recycled paper can be made into personalised greeting cards, stationary (eg. notebooks or diary), art paper, napkins/tissues etc.

In this way, the creativity potential in all of us (often stifled by years of consuming readily available mass produced items) could be unleashed, as we seek out creative designs and innovative ideas on what we can make out of recycled paper. Also, if you are thinking about how to make money recycling, making homemade gifts using homemade recycled paper could be the way to go.

By adopting simple techniques such as Japanese book binding methods on your recycled paper, you can actually craft out personalised journal, notebooks, phone books, address books, etc.

Papier-mâché craft can also be used to create household products of high utility, like coasters, wastepaper baskets, bins and trays for storage varied items, tables, curtain rings, and shelves.

Recycled paper can also be made into attractive and colourful beads that can be coated with varnish and strung for decorative purposes. These beads can actually look beautiful and cost very little.

How to make recycled paper at home?

Most of us would have had some brush with making homemade recycled paper from newspapers in our childhood.

If you still remember, the main step for involves making papier-mâché. What this means is to shred your unwanted paper and soak it in water with a thickening agent like cornstarch. Once the paper has turned into pulp it can be used to create new paper or moulded into desired shape/object.

A strainer is then required to drain away excess water, before pressing it into sheets of fresh new paper. Decorative touches (eg. glitter powder and colouring agents) can be added before the paper is set to dry, so the end result is a personalized item created from recycled paper.

For a more comprehensive guide on making your own recycled paper at home, read these detailed steps for paper recycling projects.

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