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Knowing about iHerb is a MUST for all who are convinced about the benefits of organic products and advantages of eco-friendly products.

This is because organic and eco-friendly products are often sold at premium prices in our conventional stores and supermarkets.

But why should go-goers and organic consumers like you and me be penalized for wanting to protect our health (and our loved ones), and the health of our environment? Why should we pay so much more for organic and eco-friendly products?

Granted, organic products and eco-friendly products do take more effort, cost and time to produce, as compared to the mass-produced conventional counterparts that often substitute quality ingredients with industrial chemicals that are cheaper and more widely available (that’s why the conventional products can be so cheap!). So it is reasonable to expect to pay a little more for our beneficial organic and eco-friendly products.

However, does it really need to be so much more??

I used to think it is necessary, but I don’t think so anymore, after my husband and I found out about iHerb and the iHerb coupons codes. At i-Herb, we found organic and eco-friendly products that are so much more affordable.

The prices at i-Herb are 3/4, or even HALF, the price of the very same items (i.e. same brand, same product, same quantity) that we find at the local departmental store!

For our first purchase, we received a special first timer discount using the i-Herb coupon code: RIB416 (i.e. rib416).

And later on when we order in bulk, we benefit from additional discounts off our purchases. For purchases more than $60, we actually receive a 6% discount. And the discount goes up to 10% for purchases above $100.

And so we were thrilled. Because what this means to us is that we can now happily use the organic and eco-friendly products we need, without burning a hole in our pockets! iHerb’s prices really made us wonder how much profits the conventional stores are earning. Because we have personally benefited from iHerb, it makes us want to share the good news with our loved ones, and fellow health-environment-lovers like you.

Actually, there’s more to i-Herb than affordable prices. Because they carry such a wide variety of products, we can actually do our household shopping all at once. And the items we purchase actually get delivered to our doorstep! No more heavy shopping bags to lug home from the supermarket : )

So on a regular basis, my husband and I shop for our organic body and personal care products (e.g. organic shampoos and soaps, natural moisturizers, non-fluoride toothpastes, non-chlorine sanitary pads, etc), eco-friendly household cleaning agents (e.g. eco-friendly dishwasher, organic laundry detergent) and organic health supplements (e.g. garlic oil, probiotics and enzymes, omega-3 oil) over iHerb. We also purchase some of our organic groceries like organic energy fruit bars, dried fruits and nuts, spices, coconut oil, health teas and beverages over i-Herb.

Some of the brands we often seek out at i-Herb include Seventh Generation, Dr Bronner’s, Lily of the Dessert (for Aloe Vera products), Ecover, NOW Foods, Eden Foods, Nature’s Way, Yogi (tea) and Traditional Medicinals. Of course, i-Herb carries more than these brands (they have more than 600 brands!)

Recently, I have also started using organic makeup purchased from i-Herb. I love Ecco Bella and Honeybee Garden because they are made using more natural ingredients, they look natural on me, and are very easy to remove (so I need not worry about retaining poisonous chemicals on my face after I remove my make-up).

And with our baby coming, you can bet that we will be using organic stuff for our beloved little one. We have shortlisted organic baby brands like Badger for baby diaper rash, as well as Healthy Times for baby soap and shampoo. Next, I will be looking for eco-friendly diapers and organic baby snacks.

Don’t be surprised if I tell you that iHerb also carries organic pet products. It seems that i-Herb can meet the needs of the household, at least for mine. In fact, i-Herb now carries over 30,000 organic and eco-friendly products.

You can also be assured that with over 14 years in business, i-Herb has excellent customer service. Previously my husband had a problem with an item he ordered (the bottle was broken when it arrived). In response, i-Herb promptly refunded the amount. No questions asked. And because i-Herb also provides on-time online chat services for its customers, we were able to have our questions about the organic and eco-friendly products we were interested in answered almost instantly. So we didn’t have to wait long periods for email replies over our product queries.

An additional feature about i-Herb that I found useful is the product reviews by i-Herb’s customers. The unbiased product reviews actually give me a sense of how useful the products were to those who had used them, and that gave me more confidence when trying out new organic products and eco friendly items. You could even request for a free sample of the new product you are eyeing from i-Herb, if the item is on their free-sample list.

Amazingly, shipping by i-Herb is extremely affordable, unlike many other online stores (some are obviously overcharging). If you are living in US and make purchases over US$40, your shipping is actually FREE. So that means that you get your purchases delivered to your doorstep for free, and you will be glad to know the orders usually arrive within a few days, no matter which part of the world you are in.

So whether you are starting to use organic and eco-friendly products, or are looking for more affordable, value-for-money sources of natural and eco items, you really must consider iHerb.com. Use the iHerb coupons codes RIB416 (i.e. rib416) to enjoy the same first-timer discount that my family and I did. You can actually share the code with your loved ones, so that they too get to benefit.

Simply enter the iHerb coupon code RIB416 (i.e. rib416), like what you see below, when you make your first purchase at iHerb.com.

Discount Code for Iherb
If you wish to receive more detailed instructions on how to use the i-Herb code, or to receive this iHerb coupon code in your email (so that you can keep it as a record), just fill in your details below.

As a fellow tree-hugger, you might also be glad to know that i-Herb does its part for the environment by using 100% post-consumer recycled paper for 90% of all its shipping boxes. It uses bubble wrap instead of Styrofoam.

i-Herb also incorporates recycling practices within its processes, such as recycling all the packaging materials received from its manufacturers. i-Herb also identifies ways to reduce its carbon footprint during transportation. For example, all UPS shipments by i-Herb are carbon neutral.

So, happy shopping at i-Herb, while keeping yourself, your loved ones and the earth healthy!

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