Political/Ethical Importance of Recycling

The importance of recycling extends beyond environmental and economic reasons to political and ethical reasons.

Political Reasons for Recycling

Recycling is patriotic.

Many countries have come to recognize that dependence on foreign resources such as oil is not beneficial for the country’s future. Therefore, many of these nations have started looking for ways to reduce fossil fuel consumption, such as by recycling instead of extracting materials from their raw states.

For example, the national recycling rate of 30 percent in US saves the equivalent of more than five billion gallons of gasoline, reducing dependence on foreign oil by 114 million barrels.

In addition, recycling also protects the country’s environment, reduces wastage of resources, saves money and can in fact boost the country’s economy.

So if you happen to be a policy maker, don’t overlook the importance of recycling to your country’s environment, and economic and political sovereignty.

By putting in place systems and processes in the country to encourage recycling, resource and energy conservation, you are actually playing an important role in securing the independence of your nation against reliance on other nations for resources.

Ethical Importance of Recycling

Recycling is the right thing to do.

Previous generations knew the importance of taking care of their processions and using the earth’s resources with care.

However, the increase in affluence and an abundance of material and consumer goods have changed the values system of many people across the globe. We take these resources for granted, using and discarding materials thoughtlessly. Very often, we forget that these resources are not only ours to use, but are meant to last for a long time for generations to come.

On the path of material and technological progress, we often forget that we are responsible for what we are creating and destroying in the process.

We build huge cars and high-speed jets, but failed to realize the amount of damage we are causing to the planet by burning huge amounts of fossil fuels and leaving huge carbon footprints. We develop supersonic gadgets and home appliances that will cook, clean, and wash in hours but we take electricity for granted.

Today, the planet has become more heavy populated, polluted and less green, when compared to what it was 20 to 25 years ago.

Who is responsible for this?

We, as a race, have to take responsibility.

No other living creature could have accomplished this in such a short span of time. The damage has been done, and we can no longer afford to look the other way anymore. Otherwise our children and all future generations will have to pay a huge price for what we are doing.

Each one of us is morally and ethically bound to restore some amount of balance that we’ve destroyed in the world we inhabit. If everyone takes this commitment seriously and make some conscious effort, we can help undo some of the damage we have created, even if not all.

Considering the present-day condition of our environment and depleting natural resources, the importance of recycling cannot be under-estimated.

For example, by using recycled products such as recycled paper, we are ensuring that less trees need to be cut down, and in turn reducing the impact of deforestation on global warming and pollution. By buying recycled plastic, we are ensuring that less new plastic needs to be produced, and more old plastic is diverted away from the disposal system. This is important because plastic is not bio-degradable and creates much toxin when burnt or buried.

By recycling more of our things, we are also reducing our waste, hence, reducing the pollution and cost involved in disposing our waste in the landfills and incinerators.

At homes, by investing some time and effort in educating our children and teens in the importance of recycling, we are building the foundations for a more considerate next generation. As our children learn about the importance of recycling, and acquire recycling and green habits at a young age, they are more likely to grow up practicing these habits.

So let’s take responsibility and act now, before it becomes too late.

For a better tomorrow for all our kids and our future generations, take up the moral and ethical responsibility of protecting our one and only planet. Start recycling now!

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