Interesting Recycling Facts

Welcome to the exciting world of recycling!

There are lots of interesting recycling facts that many of us do not know about. But when we do learn about them, hopefully it will make us think twice about throwing away the plastic bottles or dumping our newspapers, instead of sending them for recycling.

To facilitate your reading, we have categorized the various facts about recycling into several topics.

General recycling statistics and facts

Love numbers? Want some statistics on recycling? Looking for interesting recycling facts in the form of numbers?

Then read more about the recycling statistics and facts. Find out about how many trees and how much water can be saved when you recycle paper, and more! Also, find out about the materials that can be completely recycled again and again, and more!

Also, read about the interesting statistics and facts contributed by our readers, and add on one or two of your own.

Facts on recycling symbols

Ever noticed the symbols on your plastic bottles or the packaging for your groceries, and wondered what they mean?

Read more on the universal recycling symbols and recycling codes for plastic to find out more. These knowledge are very important if we want to make a difference in recycling!

Do you know that Japan has its own set of Japanese recycling pictures, known as identification mark? Read more about it.

Ever seen the Green Dot recycle symbol used in Europe? Find out what it really means.

Also, read other related articles:

Recycling history

Believe it or not, recycling is not a new concept!

The history of recycling dates back in time, much earlier than we think. Evidences of recycling have been found even in historic times, as early as 400 B.C. Learn more about these evidences and the factors that made recycling popular in history.

Also, read about the interesting historical facts on recycling contributed by our readers, and add on one or two of your own.

Facts about recycling specific materials

Curious about how paper, plastics, glass and other materials such as metals are recycled? Check these out!

Find out about recycling the following materials:

- Batteries, cell phones, TVs, computers and other electronics

- Cartridges and CDs

- Cars

- Construction materials

- Fabric materials

- Glass

- Household items

- Metals

- Paper

- Plastic

- Water

- Others

Share your interesting facts on recycling

Share with us if you know of any interesting statistic or historical fact about recycling.

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