Organic Mothers Day Gift Basket

A mothers day gift basket is a great gift idea for your mom – it allows you to include a lot of her favourite items, and it also lets you get creative.

Why choose organic

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The one thing we all wish for our mothers is definitely a long and happy life. Surely that is at the top of everyone’s wish list on this special day. You can show her you care about her health, as well as her long term happiness, by choosing organic products for her mother’s day gift basket.

Organic products, such as organic food, organic makeup and organic clothing, are products that have been treated with minimal harmful chemicals during their production process, and also contain little to no synthetic chemicals.

You might not be aware, but there are thousands of products on the shelves of your local pharmacy or beauty store that contain many chemicals which have been proven to be toxic! That’s right, substances that we slather liberally on our skin, put into our mouths or even consume on a regular basis have been shown to bioaccumulate inside our bodies, polluting our organs and reproductive systems as well as causing harmful hormonal changes with prolonged exposure.

By choosing organic items, you guarantee yourself that there are very little or even none of these harmful chemicals in the products you buy.

Organic products also have the benefit of being healthier to the environment. This is because less, if no, harmful chemicals are being used in their production and will be released at their disposal. So do your mother and our planet a favour. Choose organic.

Ideas for Mothers Day Gift Basket

The things that you can actually include in your mothers day gift basket are virtually endless. It all depends on what your mom likes. You can do a mix of different types of items, for greater surprise element. Below are some items you can consider for the mothers day gift basket you are preparing for your mum.

Organic food

You can choose from a large variety of organic food.

For example, you can try out organic Chinese tea. Organically cultivated Chinese tea beverages are rich in health promoting properties, such as helping in weight loss, circulation, calming nerves or are rich in antioxidants. They make great gifts for a mother who loves tea and is health conscious.

Alternatively, you could try out organic preserved fruits and nuts, fair-trade organic coffee, organic dark chocolates or organic cookies. They are definitely healthier than your conventional non-organic snacks that you find off the shelf of departmental stores. You can find a large range of these organic and healthy snacks from my favourite online store, at reasonable prices (and a $5 discount).

Organic cosmetics

Alternatively, you could go for natural and organic cosmetics.

Look for green cosmetics that are mineral-based, and free of preservatives like paraben (associated with breast cancer) and synthetic dyes. You can choose a complete range of make-up necessities – from powder, blusher, eye shadows, lipsticks, to mascara.

Alternatively, if you are unsure which products your mum might like, you could get her a green cosmetics gift voucher, and allow her the joy of shopping for her own make-up kit.
Organic personal care products

If your mother is not into make-up, then you can get her a mothers day gift basket of personal care products instead.

Guarantee a healthy impact for your mom when you choose to give her an organic sunscreen, organic hair beauty products and skin care products that are made from natural materials and doesn’t contribute synthetic chemicals to her body. You might be amazed how natural body creams like organic jojoba butter or coconut oil can work wonders.

If you are keen to get some organic personal care or beauty products for your mum, you can find some at good prices (plus a $5 discount) from Iherb.

Organic spa products

If your mother loves the spa experience, why not allow her enjoy a spa treat in the comforts of her own home, by getting her an organic spa kit?
Organic clothing

How about organic clothing to include in your mothers day gift basket?

Eco clothing are becoming more affordable and fashionable these days, as can be seen in some of the designs below.

And if your mother practices yoga, you could even include a pair of organic yoga pants in your mothers day gift basket.

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Why else organic and eco-friendly matters

Organic produces are really the best you can give your mum – and really, she deserves it. Tell her you value her health by giving her products which will only do good for her, and leave her feeling great.

By choosing organic products for your mother’s day gift basket, you are also choosing a healthier future for your mother – both in terms of her health, and the environment in which she, and you, live in.

This is because in addition to the obvious health benefits described above, organic products manufactured by green companies may also be produced in facilities that are conscious of their energy consumption. Such companies also often source for their raw materials from sustainable farms and forests. This means that when you choose products from these green businesses, you are actually voting (with your money) for sustainable production practices.

Organic products may also be packaged with less material, or they might be packaged using biodegradable wrapping. Avoiding the many layers of non-recyclable plastic packaging used in regular products means that you won’t be buying something which takes decades to decompose at the landfills. In addition, you are actually also reducing waste.

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