Why Use Organic Fertilizer

Why use natural and organic fertilizer instead of synthetic ones?

Getting adequate nutrients is important to the optimal growth of all plants. Farmers and gardeners alike have known about the benefits of fertilizing their crops since the beginning of agriculture. Over time, with the development of science, synthetic alternatives that promise to turbo-charge plant growth and deliver results superior to that of any natural fertilizer were created. However, as with all attempts to mimic nature, the real deal is usually better than the manufactured stuff.

Organic fertilizer is a substance useful for delivering nutrients to the soil, made specifically from animal or vegetable matter. In contrast, synthetic fertilizers use chemicals designed by humans to mimic the natural varieties in enhancing the soil.

There are several advantages to using natural fertilizer, and the benefits are not just to your plants. In fact, there are advantages to yourself and your family, as well as to your local ecosystem and the planet as a whole.

First and foremost, in contrast to the synthetic version which normally aims to release as much nutrients as quickly as possible, natural fertilizers release nutrients gradually to the soil.

The stuff that natural fertilizers are made of – such as vegetable or animal compost or coconut fibres – take much longer to break down. The help of micro-organisms is needed to break down the fertilizer, making the process much slower. However, the lengthening of the process helps the nutrients last longer and be delivered at an optimal rate, ensuring that the plants are constantly nourished.

On the other hand, the white pellets of nutrients that you find in “regular” synthetic fertilizer varieties are often designed to break down easily. Without proper dosage, the plant may absorb more nutrients than it actually needs, resulting in “burns” in the leaves.

In addition, the over-saturation and acidification of the soil may occur, killing some of the valuable bacteria that should always be present in it. This can essentially sterilize the soil over many applications, which is not a desirable outcome. Read about how synthetic fertiliser contributes to land pollution. This situation is in contrast to the natural fertilizer that actually promotes the survival of the micro-organisms in the soil that helps keep the soil healthy and vibrant.

The other benefits of using organic fertilizer, other than immediate soil health, are much more far-reaching. Synthetic fertilizers usually contain chemicals which are not easily biodegradable. These chemicals leech into the soil and eventually find their way into the water system where they are consumed by birds and other wildlife. In contrast, organic fertilizer has no such harmful compounds and therefore does not pose this danger, even with increased use. Read more about fertiliser pollution.

In addition, when synthetic fertilizers are sprayed on plants and lawns, they pose an immediate danger to kids and pets that play in the garden and on the grass. Caution must be exercised when using these toxins, and exposure must be limited. However, if your family is not free to run and play in your own garden, barefooted and free to feel the plants, what good is the garden for?

And while you can take pains to keep your pets and children away from these harmful chemicals, it is very hard to protect the local wildlife away from these chemicals, unless you do not use them at all. Fortunately, organic fertilizers do not pose any of these dangers and can be used liberally throughout your property.

You can make your own natural fertilizer through composting in your backyard. You can use the dead plant parts and leaves from your own yard. Alternatively, you could also purchase cow, sheep or other animal manure at a relatively inexpensive price from local farms.

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