Recycling Jobs

Recycling jobs? In this day and age, it is not unthinkable.

With growing concern for the environment and growing planet-saving efforts, both private and public sector businesses are starting to invest heavily in the recycling business. Governments too are forced to respond to the situation, develop and implement green policies, and encourage citizens to participate actively in recycling and other green efforts.

Also, with increasing awareness for global warming, climatic changes, rapid deforestation and increasing pollution levels, recycling has become a necessity. People cannot afford to not recycle and go green.

In turn, this move towards creating a safer, healthier, and cleaner environment has lead to the rise of the entire recycling and green industry. Green businesses across the world are realizing that there is tremendous potential for this industry to grow, flourish, create job opportunities, and revenues.

Irrespective of the nature of material being recycled, the scope of recycling businesses will increase as the market for recycled products increases. With more and more people becoming aware and consciously purchasing recycled products, demand will increase. The need to increase supply to meet this increased demand will translate directly to jobs for people and revenues for industries.

There are more and more opportunities to work in different capacities within this industry. Some interesting and popular recycling jobs include recycling researchers, recycling engineers, recycling product designers and more.

If you have a passion for environmental sciences and recycling, are hardworking, self-motivated and committed, then a career in recycling jobs may be for you. Read about what life is like in recycling occupation.

Here are more details on some of these recycling jobs.

Recycling Researchers

Recycling researchers play a vital role in the recycling industry.

While they may be known by different titles, recycling researcher in general conduct various forms of research – on recycling different products, the time and cost of recycling these products, the market conditions for recycling these products and the demand for specific recycled products.

Ultimately, people in these recycling jobs gather research information for simpler, more cost-effective and less time consuming methods of recycling. These researchers may gather the information they need over the internet, over phone calls, emails or even face-to-face interviews or surveys.

This job can offer tremendous job satisfaction especially if you are into research and wish to contribute to saving the planet from further damage and destruction.

In addition, you can even apply the knowledge you gain at work in your daily living.

Some skills you will need for such a job include:

  • Research skills, including ability and knowledge on data gathering, analysis and interpretation
  • Presentation and communication skills, so as to convey the outcome of the research effectively, for further applications.
  • The specific qualifications needed for such a job may differ, depending on the hiring company or agency. Qualifications in environmental sciences may be useful.

Recycling Engineers

Recycling engineers are crucial to recycling films in ensuring that the recycling plants operate smoothly and effectively.

The recycling process requires the use of much machinery and other technological applications that have to be constantly maintained for efficiently. These machineries and technological applications also have to be constantly upgraded, so as to use less energy, time and raw materials, and achieve greater efficiency in the process. And these are what recycling engineers do.

In addition, recycling engineers also play a crucial role in the development of better technology for recycling more types of materials at greater efficiency.

Within the recycling industry, recycling engineers may also play important roles in managing industrial waste arising from the recycling and manufacturing process.

Some skills you will need for such a job include:

  • Precision and detailed
  • Up-to-date on latest developments on related technology
  • Engineering related qualifications would be needed.

Recycling Product Designers

There is an increasing demand for recycling product designers today.

As more and more people become more aware of the need to protect the environment through recycling and purchasing recycled and green products to complete the recycling loop, more products have to be designed for recycling and from recycled materials.

While they may be known by different titles, product designers in recycling are mainly involved in designing and introducing new environment-friendly products into the market.

People in such recycling jobs have to be fairly familiar with the materials they are dealing with, in order to find new and better ways of recycling them, as well as make use of the recycled materials for making new products. Other than domain expertise, they may also need creativity to be able to discover new ways of recycling materials that are not recyclable at the moment.

One big challenge for those in these recycling jobs would to find more ways to make use of recycled materials. After all, if the recycled materials can’t be used, then there is little use in recycling them.

Another challenge would be to develop ways to recycle materials, such as styrofoam, that are currently not recyclable, but are used in large quantities now and cause harm to the environment.

The following skills can come in very useful for product designers:

  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the materials being recycled
  • Knowledge and experience in product design, to reap the most benefits from recycled materials as well as meet needs of consumers.
  • Creativity


Of course, there are other opportunities to serve in a recycling company if you are neither a researcher, designer or engineer.

Large recycling business may require personnel in their human resource management, logistics, finance, marketing departments, just to name a few. That means that even if you are trained as an accountant or a project manager, you can just have a recycling job!

If you wish to develop a career in something you can be passionate about, and that will allow you to make a difference, why not consider a career in recycling jobs! Don’t hesitate any longer. Search the internet and your local newspapers for jobs on recycling today!

What Is Life Like In A Recycling Job

Do you have experience being in a job that deals with recycling?

Tell us your stories, both the good and the bad ones. Share with us what you learnt as a result of being in that job.

Your sharing can be especially valuable to those who are in the search for a recycling occupation.

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