Renewable Energy Jobs

With the development of new green technologies worldwide, more and more renewable energy jobs are created everywhere.

Here is a glimpse of the range of alternative energy jobs available out there.


One of the alternative energy jobs which have large listings of opening is engineering.

It is needed in just about every industry, and understandably in the field of renewable energies.

Engineering is especially important in areas such as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energyand hydro-power green energy jobs.

These green engineering jobs are similar to their conventional counterparts, needing at least a four-years engineering degree from an accredited college. However, if you want a better chance in landing at your desired green energy job, more specific training is likely to be required. This additional training can be in the form of an additional certification or degree in areas such as environmental sciences.


Important to the solar and wind energy companies are meteorologists. The meteorologists might be needed to study the weather and climate patterns of a potential build site.

For example, adequate wind strength is needed for the wind turbines to work and it would not be a wise choice to build solar-powered buildings in a place where it is usually stormy or overcast. That’s where the work of meteorologists becomes very crucial.

To be a meteorologist, you may require a meteorology degree. Alongside the degree, you might also have to pass the state and federal meteorological accreditation tests.


Electrical experts are needed in just about all areas of renewable energy jobs – to carry out the wiring and repairs for electrical parts used in the various green technologies.

There are generally two routes to become a licensed electrician. The first is to be hired as an apprentice to a licensed electrician. From there, you could learn on the job before going through the certification tests. The second method is to enroll in an apprenticeship programme at a college or technological school.

As with other energy efficiency jobs it would be useful to have some form of environmental education as well.


One of the most important types of renewable energy jobs is research.

Green energy researchers are needed to constantly develop new technologies and identify more efficient methods of powering our world. There are many areas of research so if you are interested, you will need a degree in the specific area of research that you are thinking of entering. Some background in green energy and environmental studies would also be useful.

There are many more types of eco jobs out there, and those mentioned here are probably the more common ones. The requirements for each type of job are different. To enter the renewable energy industry, it would be wise to find out more about the specific educational requirements needed. You could also contact some of the green energy companies to find out about the various certifications and skills they seek when hiring people to fill their job openings.

No matter which renewable energy job you land in, you can be certain that your job would contribute to making our world a greener place to live in!

For other eco jobs, find out more about recycling jobs .

All the best!

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