Tips On How To Reuse

It is much more environmentally friendly to reuse items, as compared to recycling them.

This is because reusing items does not even need the materials to be processed before the items can be used again.

As such, always seek to use your existing items again if you can.

Here are some tips on Reusing:

  • Repair damaged items, so that they can be used again.

  • Or visit a garage sale or second-hand store yourself, to purchase used items instead of getting new ones! You can also save some cash when you do so!

  • Purchase products with reusable packaging, and explore how you can make good use of these packaging (eg. plastic containers) to serve your needs instead of purchasing new items.

  • Explore new uses for old items. For example, old clothes (especially the torn and tattered ones) can be turned into rags for cleaning the house, and jeans can be turned into homemade bags.

  • If you are not able to re-use your old items (because you no longer have such a need), donate them to charity and community groups. It’s a way to contribute to the less needy! But make sure that you donate only reusable items. The charity collections should not be treated as an alternative dumping ground!

  • Or if you need some extra cash, you can even consider holding a garage sale to sell your used items. Doing so can also help the less-cash-abundant folks purchase what they need, at a cheaper price! It’s a win-win situation!

Besides reusing, there are two other components in the “Reduce Re-use Recycle" Waste Hierarchy, namely “reducing” and “recycling”.

All these three components are crucial if we seek to conserve resources and produce less waste.

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