Eco Romantic Gifts For Her

Finding eco friendly yet romantic gifts for her isn’t hard.

Women love to see that you have thought about her when she wasn’t around, and that you have put in that extra thought into her gift.

So putting together a handmade gift for her is one of the best presents you can ever give her. The possibilities are virtually limitless,

And the items you need can usually be found at home. What this means is that, these romantic gifts need not cost much, and they can be environmentally friendly because you don’t need to make further purchases but can in fact put reusing to practice.

The Love Map

A really fun and romantic gift for her is the Love Map.

Take a map of your city, or even the world, and mark off places that you have been together – like where the two of you had your first kiss, the restaurant where you had your first date, your vacation destinations, etc.

You can even transfer the same idea to a map of your house, and mark off places that the two of you like to hang out, and what you do there together. This definitely isn’t expensive, and you can use old maps or even atlases to put this together. Or you can even draw your own simple map.

If you are using a map of the house, you can make it more exciting. Use the map to bring her on a little tour of the house and make her find little “gifts” (could be a passionate kiss or hug) at the “destinations” that she guesses correctly.

The Classic Photo Frame

One of the old classic romantic gifts for her is the photo frame.

You do not necessarily need a new photo frame. An old one is fine. You can even make the picture frame yourself out of unwanted wood scraps, reused popsicle sticks, or even her favourite whole nuts (in their shell), macaroni (if she’s a chef or into pasta), or glue the collage onto an old item that has meaning for the two of you.

What is more important is the photo you pick.

You can choose just one great picture of the two of you to display, or you can get really creative and make a collage of the best and funniest photos you have, putting it all in a frame makes great romantic gifts for her.

The Love Jar

The Love Jar is another idea that doesn’t require you to go shopping during the hectic holiday season. The idea is fairly simple – it is essentially a scrapbook in a jar.

You can reuse a glass jar. What can go into the jar are small mementos that are of sentimental value to the two of you, movie ticket stubs of movies you watched together, small size photos of the two of you, and even printed strips of love quotes. Such romantic gifts for her will keep her smiling on long nights when you’re not around, and she will love having all those pieces that you chose for her. You will need time to collect the items to go into the jar, but trust me, she would love the effort you put in to have collected the items.

Words from the Heart

Any woman would love a poem or piece of writing that you have written especially for her. Even if you do not have any talent in creative writing, a piece that is written from your heart could be enough to melt her heart. To add to the surprise, you can decorate your piece of romantic gift for her with little ornamental items you have at home, such as little nut shells, dried spices or pasta.

The Love Tree

Another fun piece that would make great romantic gifts for her is a Love Tree. It would make a great gift for someone who plants.

You can choose from many varieties of small potted trees at your local farmer’s market or the garden section of a hardware store. Tie little quotations to the ends of the braches, or you can even use the tree to hang any type of other handmade gifts – such as a bookmark, a holiday ornament, a bracelet or necklace, or even a handmade coupon for a massage (by yourself!) or a romantic walk!

The most important elements when preparing romantic gifts for her is to be sincere and put in that extra effort (it is not the extra money or extra material that counts). And in the midst of the preparation – and making use of reused materials or reducing wastage – delight in the thought that you are also being environmentally friendly.

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