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More and more green businesses are appearing everywhere today, with growing global concerns about the well-being of our environment. 

Some of these eco businesses seek to incorporate environmental protection principles in their daily operations or processes (e.g. use of nontoxic materials, increasing energy efficiency in processes, recycling, etc).

Other eco companies deliberately set aside some of their resources to contribute to environmental efforts, such as through fund raising or staff volunteering for environmental causes, etc. 

These businesses could be in manufacturing and production, construction, retail or even in the service industry. Whatever their efforts, they are commendable and these businesses and organizations desire the support and additional exposure.

So if you know of a business or company (it could even be your own) that is commendable in its environmental efforts, do share your story with us below.

However, we all know that not all going green companies are actually as green as they claim to be.

Some companies try to be environmentally friendly, but because they lack the necessary knowledge about what going green means, their efforts may be futile, and they may in fact create more harm than good.

Some others are more driven to be environmentally friendly only when it is convenient or when it gives them the positive publicity they desire. In other words, environmental protection has yet to become a principal guideline in their operations.

If you know of any such businesses or companies that need improvements in being eco friendly, share your story with us below. Your comments could help motivate them to improve. 

What’s Your Favorite Green Company?

Do you know of any businesses or companies that are commendable in their efforts to be green?

Tell us about these favourite eco businesses or companies.

They deserve the additional exposure and support. Stories about their efforts can also encourage other organizations to follow in their footsteps and be more environmentally friendly.

So please share your stories here.

Enter the name of the business/company you are sharing about.

Which “Green” Company Needs Improvement?

Do you know of any supposedly “green” companies or businesses that are not meeting the eco principles that they claim to embrace?

Tell us about these businesses or companies – not to condemn them, but to motivate them to improve in their green ways.

You can help by sharing what you think they have gone wrong and what they can do to be more environmentally friendly.

So please share your stories here.

Enter the name of the business/company you are sharing about.

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