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Looking for tips for living green?

Today, the term “green” doesn’t just mean a color. It also refers to a more responsible and sustainable way of life that is healthy for the environment, and very often, also healthy for ourselves. And indeed, it is these benefits of green living that have motivated more and more people today to adopt green living practices in their daily lives.

Living a green life is not difficult. All it takes is for you to be more considerate in the way you live life.

There are actually some important principles about green living that you should know and understand, so that you can better appreciate the green practices you adopt and even discover tips for living green of your own. Read more about these principles for green living.

But if you are really new to this green way of life and just want some simple tips for living green, here are some that you can easily adopt.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

One of the simplest but most important tips for living green is to recycle your unwanted items, instead of throwing them away. Through recycling, we can help conserve substantial amounts of natural resources and energy, because it takes more to produce things using virgin materials as compared to recycled materials. Recycling also helps to reduce the amount of waste we produce, as well as reduce the amount of pollution we create when we dispose of our waste. Read more about the benefits of recycling.

Some of the things that you can recycle include your unwanted drink cans, plastic or glass bottles, and waste paper or cardboard. Read more about the things you can recycle.

If you have already adopted recycling into your way of life and are looking for more tips for living green, then you might want to know that the 3R principle of waste management informs that reducing (consumption and waste) and reusing are actually more effective than recycling. This is because when you reduce or reuse, you actually reduce the amount of unwanted materials you create in the first place. So if you can, practice reducing and reusing, other than just recycling.

Conserve energy

Another one of the important tips for living green is to conserve energy. In this context, energy refers to the energy supplies needed to drive our human society, for example, fossil fuels, electricity, as well as alternative forms of energy.

Currently, the human society is greatly dependent on fossil fuels as a source of energy to drive our activities and progress. Fossil fuels are used extensively in our transportation systems, in industries, in the generation of electricity, etc. However, these energy sources are non-renewable, ie. they would eventually run out. And at the rate that humans are depleting the sources now, they are very likely to become exhausted very soon.

As such, it is important to conserve energy, ie. reduce our rate of consumption of these resources. This is so that our energy resources would not just last for our generation, but also for our children and our grandchildren’s generations, and many generations beyond.

Some energy conserving practices you can adopt include:

  • switching off the electricity when they are not in use
  • making use of energy efficient appliances (including cars) instead of non energy efficient versions

Beyond conserving energy, there’s an additional step you can take – switch to greener forms of energy like solar energy or wind power energy. In fact, you can learn to build your own solar panels, and reduce your dependency on the electricity grid.

Use green products

Here’s another simple tips for living green that you can adopt.

Choose eco-friendly products over non-environmentally friendly ones. This is because environmentally-friendly products do minimal harm to the environment, whether in their manufacturing process, in their use, or in their disposal.

Eco-friendly products could range from green household products like green cleaning agents, to organic food, organic clothes, to eco gifts, and even organic beauty products. These eco-friendly products are not hard to find, you can often locate the green products online. They may cost a bit more than their conventional counterparts, but they are much healthier for you and your loved ones (and definitely for the environment!) in the long run. In fact, the additional cost you pay now could be made up by the money you save from medical bills later on.

Grow some plants

Another one of the simplest tips for living green is literary to add more green to this world – start planting trees, herbs and shrubs wherever it is possible.

You can choose to take part in tree-planting activities in your community, volunteer to care for a community garden, or even volunteer at a nature reserve.

Alternatively, you can pick up home gardening. It makes a great hobby and is one of the most enjoyable tips for living green. Through green gardening, you can actually get in touch with nature, grow your own food (and hence save on groceries), and surround yourself with natural oxygen-producing “air-purifiers”. Gardening also helps to inculcate patience and calms the mind after a hectic day or week. But do note that it is important to adopt green gardening practices like using organic fertilizers and natural pesticides instead of synthetic ones. Otherwise, you could end up doing more harm than not having your own garden. Read about the dangers of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

There’s actually more to green living than the tips I have shared with you above. Here are more articles on tips for living green:

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