Office Tips on Going Green

Looking for tips on going green for the office?

There are many things you can do at your office to make it eco friendly and environment safe. Here’s some:

  • Opt for eBills – If you opt to pay to receive an ebill instead of a paper copy of the bill, you help save paper. Saving paper in turn can help protect millions of trees from being cut down every year and helps climate control.

  • Maximize the efficiency of computers in your office. Turn them off when you leave for the day. Set your computer to hibernate or run in power saving mode during short breaks. Turn off your monitor when it is not required. Energy efficiency techniques double up as effective tips on going green.

  • Make smart use of the printers. Avoid using color printing and print in draft mode whenever possible. Print a document only when it is absolutely necessary. Avoid un-necessary printouts to save paper as well as money. As much as possible, share documents online rather than distributing printed copies.

  • Make a habit of recycling paper. Make recycle bins easily accessible to your staff and provide clear instructions on what should and what should not be recycled. Efficient recycling mechanism is amongst the most important going green tip that your office should adopt.

  • Switch on lights only when you need them. Buy Energy-Star rated bulbs and lights. This can help save on the lighting costs at your office and is amongst the most easily followed tips on going green. If you are considering setting up a new office, you can also install timers or motion sensors which have the capability to switch off lights when they are not required.

  • Encourage car pooling and telecommuting in your office. Facilitate eco friendly transportation for your employees by offering subsidy on commuter checks, free bike parking and free access to car sharing services. Read more about driving tips for going green.

  • Use non toxic cleaning products for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in your office premises. Make your cubicles come alive with plants and help your office get rid of pollution.

  • Use incandescent lights during winters. These devices provide both light and heat and save you from the additional heating expenses. Not many people realize that it is amongst the most easily adoptable tips on going green. (But stay away from such lights in summer. They reduce the efficiency of your air-conditioning).

  • Reduce the use of plastic bags, but instead encourage the use of reusable bags amongst your employees. Make them aware of these important going green tips and help them understand how these practices will help them lead a greener and healthier lifestyle.

  • Rechargeable batteries are a great means of material conservation. Although they have a higher initial cost, cost recovery is faster and they help reduce toxic waste in the environment.

  • Make sure to adjust your thermostat depending on the weather conditions. Every degree lower in the winters can add up to 10% savings on your electricity bill.

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