Top 10 Christmas Gifts On The Eco Charts

Wondering what are some of the top 10 Christmas gifts that are considered eco-friendly?

The most eco-friendly Christmas gifts

Go straight to the top 10 ideas for Christmas gifts for women and men.

Before we share on the top 10 gift ideas for Christmas, here is an overview of the qualities of eco-friendly gifts.

They have the following characteristics:

  • The materials used to make the gifts are environmentally friendly. The materials could be organic or natural materials (e.g. eco clothing, organic food), and hence contribute little or no harmful chemicals to the environment and our bodies.

    Or the materials could be biodegradable or recyclable, and hence help to reduce pollution to the environment, especially during the disposal phase.

    Eco-friendly products are the best bet for eco gifts in this category.

  • The gift is of usefulness to the gift recipient, and hence does not end up being kept in a corner of the cupboard for years, just to be throw away after that.

    In turn, to increase the chances that the gift is of usefulness to the gift recipient, homemade gifts that are personalized (based on what the gift recipient likes) and food gifts are the best bet.

  • The gift has minimal packaging or gift wrapping, or makes use of reusable materials as wrapping. This helps to reduce waste, because as we know, gift wrappers are often discarded once presents are unwrapped.

  • The gift contributes to the conservation of nature, forests or wildlife (for example, adoption of a shelter animal, sponsorship for a wildlife species, or conservation of a piece of forest land).

In two previous articles, we shared some ideas for homemade Christmas gift ideas and the steps to take to make these homemade Christmas presents.

But in case it is too close to Christmas for you to do up any homemade gifts, here are some top 10 Christmas gifts you can look out for when shopping for eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones.

Remember, when looking for top 10 Christmas gifts that are eco-friendly, think “usefulness”, so that your gifts will not go to waste.

Top 10 Christmas gifts for eco-friendly ladies

Here are the top 10 Christmas gifts ideas you can consider when shopping for eco-friendly gifts for ladies :

  • 1. Fair trade handmade jewelry – that contributes to the livelihood of artisans in poorer countries, yet guarantees her a unique piece of jewelry she can proudly don with her favorite dress. Check out some of the fair-trade handmade jewelry from GiftsWithHumanity (see right column).

  • 2. Gift certificate from an eco-friendly store, online or not – that gives her the pleasure of shopping from a store that sells only environmentally friendly products.

  • 3. Fair trade handmade handbags – that offers her a unique piece of accessory for any occasion, yet supports the livelihood of artisans in developing countries. Check out some of the fair-trade handmade handbags from GiftsWithHumanity (see right column).

  • 4. Organic spa and body care products – that gives her the pleasures of the spa experience in the comfort of her own home, without exposing her to the harmful chemicals found in convention spa and body products.

  • 5. Organic make-up – that brings out the best in her, even as they minimize her exposure to harmful chemicals

  • 6. Organic clothes – that are fashionable, yet expose her to minimal chemicals like synthetic dyes that may be absorbed through the skin.

  • 7. Organic pet toys for her beloved pet – she would be so touched that you care for her beloved pet too!

  • 8. Organic health tea – that are health promoting to her, such as helping to increase her body circulation, rich in anti-oxidants, helping her in weight loss or calming or nerves.

  • 9. Organic snacks – that are much healthier for her, even as they continue to be delicious (get a $5 discount off your purchase of organic snacks from Iherb).

  • 10. Hobby specific presents -- that depends very on her hobbies. If she is into cooking, you could get her some organic spices (check out Iherb for good deals) or even a cook book. If she is into yoga, you could get her organic yoga outfit.

When it comes to the top 10 Christmas gifts for ladies, HER specific taste (i.e. preference in style) is an important factor. Finding that out is probably a homework you will need to do in advance. Good luck!

Top 10 Christmas gifts for eco-friendly guys

Here are the top 10 Christmas gifts ideas you can consider when shopping for eco-friendly gifts for guys:

  • 1. Hobby specific presents – depending on what he’s hobbies are, you could get him books, equipment or appropriate attires that are suited for his hobbies. For example, if he is into gardening, you could get him a book on green gardening, some green garden tools or even a composting bin. If he is into sports, you could get him some organic sports attire. So it really depends on what he likes to do in his free time.

  • 2. Gift certificate for a handy tools store – that gives him the pleasure of shopping for the handy tools he would like to have around the house or in the garden.

  • 3. D-I-Y book on how to perform some of the common repairs around the house, for the car or for his electronic gadgets.

  • 4. Electronics-related items, such as solar powered charger for his gadgets, a water powered alarm clock, or even his own build-your-own-solar-power-kit. You could also consider funky iphone cases that are made of eco-friendly material.

  • 5. Games that may be electronic or not – if you find the right kind of games, it can bring him much entertainment for hours, months and even years.

  • 6. Experiential gifts – where you give him an experience of a life-time, such as bringing him on a scuba diving trip, or paying for his white water rafting experience.

  • 7. His favourite movie DVD – so that he can watch it over and over again, in the comfort of his home.

  • 8. Organic pet toys for his beloved pet – he too would be glad that his pet gets to benefit from natural products.

  • 9. Organic snacks – whether he is a sporty guy who needs an energy bar on the go, or a not-so-sporty guy who simply loves a snack, these organic snacks are definitely much healthier for him than the conventional ones (get a $5 discount off your purchase of organic snacks from Iherb).

  • 10. A good laugh – if your guy has a good sense of humor, you can consider getting him a whacky gag gift that will give him a good laugh this Christmas. He could even use this top 10 Christmas gifts to entertain others.

When it comes to the top 10 Christmas gifts for guys, think “practical”. In fact, think “very practical”. Have fun shopping!

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