Types Of Environmental Pollution In The Air

Wondering about the types of environmental pollution in the air?

Air pollution is one of the major problems we are facing today.

There are different types of environment pollution that affect the air we breathe and spread dangerous diseases. Many times we imagine air pollutants as colored smoke with a strong smell but that’s not always true.

Most air pollutants cannot be seen or smelled but they still exist in dangerous proportions to be of health hazard! It can harm the health of humans, plants and animals. It can also cause a change in the worldwide climate. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is a major environmental risk to health and is estimated to cause approximately 2 million premature deaths worldwide per year.

Under normal circumstances, the earth’s atmosphere consists of nitrogen (~78%), oxygen (~21%), small amounts of carbon dioxide (~0.03%) and other gases like water vapor and some tiny particles of liquid/solid matter like dust.

Nature, through a number of natural processes, works to keep the composition of the atmosphere in balance. Some of these processes include the carbon cycle.

The different types of air pollution occur when Mother Nature can no longer keep the atmosphere composition in balance, such as when our industries and vehicles release large amounts of gases and particulates into the air.

The following are the different types of environmental pollution in the air:

Natural causes of air pollution

These types of environmental pollution in the air are caused by natural events such as natural forest fires (due to dry weathers) and volcanic eruptions.

Volcanic eruptions emit great amounts of ash and toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Natural forest fires also emit heavy gaseous smoke into the atmosphere, polluting the air. Read more about the natural causes of air pollution.

Industrial air pollution

Industrial air pollution is one of the major man-responsible types of environmental pollution in the air today. Every country has problems with the toxic gases that are released into the air while our products are being manufactured and our trash is being burned.

The problem is that the release of toxins from industries is very high for the per capita allowance. Different types of atomic units and thermal plants also contribute heavily to this type of pollution.

Transport related air pollution

Burning of petroleum products to run transport vehicles are responsible for these man-made types of environmental pollution in the air.

Fuels such as petrol and diesel are burnt in automobile engines, emitting different types of poisonous gases in our atmosphere in the form of smoke, resulting in car pollution. Some of these poisonous gases include sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. Read more about car pollution facts.

Lead from leaded petrol has been found to cause lead poisoning and a whole host of health problems such as neurological impairments and damage to the nervous systems of fetuses and young children. However, with the phasing out of leaded petrol, the largest source of atmospheric lead today is metal processing.


The combination of smoke particles and fog in the air is referred to as smog. Industries and vehicle pollution are usually the ones responsible for the formation of the smoke particles, while fogs are a result of air being cooled to the point where it can no longer hold all of the water vapor it contains.

The toxic smoke from the chimneys of factories and exhaust pipes of vehicles bonds with the fog, potentially leading to serious respiratory diseases.

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