Eco Unique Gifts For Men

Eco Friendly unique gifts for men can be simple to put together, although they may take some preparation ahead of time.

What makes a gift unique is not necessarily what it is, but how much heart and thought went into making it. The most unique gifts are most often the ones you personally make yourself. Not only do you get to unleash your creative side, you also get to choose the ingredients or materials that will be as healthy for your man as they are for the planet.

A great simple yet creative gift is a set of beverages. This is a perfect unique gift for men who love to start their day with a hot cup of drink.

Start by collecting three jars – jars of different sizes could add variety and interest to the gift set. The three beverages you will be putting in these jars can be coffee, tea and hot chocolate, but if your man has a unique liking for other beverages, then don’t be limited by our suggestions.

The unique part of the gift is that each jar will hold a personalised concoction of each beverage. Start your preparations early because you will need some time to experiment.

Let’s begin with the coffee. Make your own personalized batch by mixing a couple of varieties he likes – the same way that coffee shops prepare their own brands from mixing different beans all the time. A general rule of the thumb is to stick with non-flavoured coffee, but if you like the flavoured varieties you can try mixing plain dark or brown coffees with one flavour of your choice (mixing two different flavours doesn’t usually turn out well).

The second part of this unique gift for men is the tea. There are custom tea shops popping up all over North America, but even if you don’t have one in your country or town, preparing this jar can be a simple matter of combining various loose leaf tea varieties at home.

Buy fair trade tea to make this unique gift for men good for the world as well. Mix a personalized batch for your man – herbal, black or a mixture of several varieties. Put this in the medium jar.

The final part of this unique gift for men is a hot chocolate mix. Mexican hot chocolate has long been renowned for its spiciness, and you can easily whip up your own variety at home. Make tester batches to get the flavours just right before filling the jar with your personal brew. Add spices like cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, allspice, cloves and vanilla. Try several combinations to make a perfect personalized batch.

If beverages don’t work for your man, then another great kitchen gift for a man who loves cooking is infused oil.

You can make a personal batch by purchasing virgin organic olive oil, and putting about a large handful of fresh herbs into the bottle. Wait three weeks to a month, and then strain the liquid into a new bottle. Give each batch you make a label. You can use herbs like basil, rosemary, oregano, or even chilli peppers (you can leave those in the bottle for aesthetic appeal). A great way to personalize this organic unique gift for men is to give him a set of three bottles, each infused with his favourite herbs. You can even include a tag on each, suggesting a recipe for that particular infused oil.

These personalized and eco friendly unique gifts for men will be making him smile for months after the holiday season is over. You can’t go wrong with kitchen staples like beverage mixes and cooking oils. Remember, when you give to your loved ones, you also need to be considerate to the environment.

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